Total Branding Control

Total Branding Control

You are in control over design and branding


Registration Forms with Your Brand, Not Ours

We’re Not In Competition With Your Brand

Most event registration companies are concerned that their branding gets the most attention. Not RedPodium. With us, you get a nearly white-label experience without the bombardment of our logos, advertisers and solicitations. You control all the branding, coloring, fonts and stylistic aspects of your form.

No other registration system gives you the visual control like RedPodium. What does this mean? It means that you are able to create a seamless visual experience between your website and your registration page. Guests will never know you are they have left your site.


The Sky’s The Limit Customization

Our simple to use controls allow you to make your registration form match your website in seconds. You can customize the fonts, colors, backgrounds and even control all the CSS. Our mission is to give you total control over the registration experience and no other provider gives you the customization like RedPodium.


Beautiful On Every Screen and Device

When you customize your registrations, our system automatically makes sure they render perfectly on every screen and every device. Your registration form will look just as beautiful on a desktop as it does on a smart phone with no feature loss.




40 Professionally Designed Themes – Free To Use

Take advantage of our professionally designed themes that you can apply to any registration form. We offer a diverse set of looks and offer themes for fun runs, marathons, mud runs, bicycle races and more.