Checkin App

Check-in App

Check-in all your registrants in record time.


Mobile Check-In App is Yours Free

Make your check-in process a breeze for you and your staff with the RedPodium check-in app. Every single registrant is assigned a unique barcode linked to their registration for rapid check-in.


Everything You Need In The Palm of Your Hand

Lightning Fast

Our iOS scanning technology scans and validates the registrant in milliseconds and alerts you on screen as well with a validating beep. The app also has a manual lookup function to search a registrant by name, team, email and more.

Multi-Device Sync

Scan with multiple scanners at multiple locations without headache or the worry. Our scanning application works with multiple devices which sync in real-time to the each other.

Group Check-in

Instantly check-in people who were part of a group or same purchase. The check-in app shows you related registrants in the purchase as well as individuals on the same team.

Real Time Sync with Sales

With the RedPodium scanning technology, you never have to close online registration. The Check-in App syncs to the server in real-time and downloads recent purchases in seconds so registration data is instantly available in the app.

Built-in Fraud Detection

The RedPodium Check-In App alerts you when you have scanned a registrant twice or if a registrant has previously checked-in. Instantly review check-in history and review the registrant record for fraudulent activity.

Beautifully Intuitive

The interface for scanning registrants could not be more elegant and easy to use. Scan, look up and manually check-in registrants with ease. You can trust volunteers with no prior scanning experience to be able to help without a problem the day of your event.