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Frequently Asked Questions About The New System

Am I Required to Switch Immediately?
No, but once you see the 4.0 system, you will not want to wait a minute longer than necessary. The new 4.0 system was build entirely from the ground up. We know timing is important, so we plan to keep the Legacy 3.0 system active for 2 years (June 1, 2019) to give you ample time to switch.

Do I Need a New Account?
Yes. This is an entirely new platform, so you will need to create a new account on 4.0. Since the systems are separate you can use the same organization name.

How do I Sign Up?
Simply go to RedPodium.com and hit the Sign Up button in the upper-right hand corner. It only takes about 30-seconds and doesn’t even require a credit card to start.

Is There a Monthly Fee On 4.0? What is the Pricing?
For RedPodium, we have dropped the monthly pricing altogether. 4.0 is simply $0.99 per registrant.

What Gateways are Compatible With 4.0?
New in 4.0 is an in-house payment processor called, Webconnex Payments, which is just 2.99% per transaction. We also are compatible with Cornerstone gateways such as Sage and Securenet. Other custom gateway options are Authorize.net and Stripe. If you choose to use a gateway other than Webconnex Payments or one through Cornerstone, there is a custom gateway fee to do so. Contact us for more details if this applies to you for how to waive any additional fee.

Can I Use the Same Username and Password?
Signup using the email address and password of your choice. Your email address in 4.0 is the username. So if you have been using a username only for your 3.0 account, you will use your email address to login to 4.0.

Can I Use the Same Subdomain?
Subdomains are available on a first come first serve basis. You should sign up soon to reserve your subdomain. If your current subdomain is not available contact us. We can verify if it belongs to another active account and can potentially reassign it to you.

What Happens to My 3.0 Account?
It will remain active until you upgrade to 4.0 and cancel or pause it. We plan to support 3.0 for the next 2 years to allow you time to make a smooth transition. After the 2-year mark, you won’t be able to create any new pages, but will still be able to access your data for an additional period-of-time.

Can My Data and Campaigns Transfer to 4.0?
The systems are entirely different, in in fact completely different computer languages and architecture. Due to this re-design we are unable to transfer your campaigns and data into the new system. You will start fresh in the new system. But the great news is, the templates and setup in 4.0 is awesome! If you would like help in recreating 3.0 pages into 4.0, let us know and we can work something out.

Do I Have to Keep Paying the Monthly Fee for My 3.0 Account?
When you make the switch, you will pause your 3.0 account and billing and your monthly fee will cease.