Breaking News: 90% Of Your Customers Don’t Want Another Account

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We believe a lot of people would prefer a root canal over being required to create another password in their life.  We have passwords for everything — online banking, social media, investment accounts, dropbox, music services, internet providers, and wifi networks just to name a few.

While our software permits your organization to allow your customer/donor to create an account, we strongly discourage it. Why is that? Because we don’t think anyone wants another login if they don’t absolutely need one. Well today, we have the data to further prove our point.

We ran the numbers and analyzed a snapshot of over 330,000 transactions from the past 18-months. When a customer was offered the option to create an account, 90.85% of the time, the customer declined to make an account and password.

In other words, 90% of your customers prefer not to create an account if they don’t have to.

That is a whopping number and even our best guesses wouldn’t have put it that high. This is actually easily explained.

Our virtual identity uses and needs passwords for the most common tools and sites in our life. For your race, your customer will have far fewer needs to login to any account of yours in comparison to online banking and social media — where it’s being accessed every day. Given your customers will access their account with you on such an infrequent basis, they are much more likely to forget their email and password — and perhaps forget they even created an account in the first place.

Every organization knows their customers best and we encourage you to use accounts wisely and only when necessary. Certainly they have their place and are useful in the right context. But before you offer it, just remember the vast majority of your customers will pass.