What’s New — February 2019 Product Update

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We’re well into the beginning of 2019 and you know what that means… New resolutions, goals, and dreams!

Our goal this year? To bring to your attention great new functionality that you may not have known about before. Check it out!

Notification Emails When Editing or Canceling A Registration

When making a change to an order, you can now have the system send an email notification notifying that person of the changes made with an updated confirmation email.

With just two clicks you can make changes to an order, then send the newly updated confirmation email. Here! I’ll show you!

Simply make your changes to an order, then check the box that says “Send Updated Confirmation.”  This also works for cancellations as well. When you cancel someone, you can choose to send an updated confirmation here.

Maybe you want to add a personal note:  “Hey Joe, I’ve added that t-shirt here for you on your order. Below is your updated confirmation showing the changes.” or “Hey Sally, I’m really sorry you won’t be able to make it to our event. I’ve canceled and refunded your order. Confirmation is below.”

In either case, you can now include a custom note with that updated confirmation. This is really handy to reference prior communication with that person, helping them feel acknowledged.

Save Your Confirmation To Apple Wallet

For those who love saving their boarding passes, tickets, and confirmations to their Apple Wallet, you can now save your RedPodium confirmation directly onto your Apple Wallet!

This is huge! If you’re like me and are just discovering the goodness of Apple Wallet, you’ll see it’s a function that allows you to store coupons, boarding passes, student ID cards, event tickets, movie tickets, and even public transportation tickets.

This is especially handy for events that are several weeks or months away. Your attendees don’t have to go find their old confirmation email, it’s just in your Apple Wallet!  And what’s nice is that it has your unique QR code and other event details on it as well.

A Secret New Feature is Coming

We’re always on the lookout to help you increase sales and make it easier to manage your event. We have been secretly working for the past few months on a brand new feature that has been proven to increase conversions by 12% to 15%. We can’t tell you what it is yet, but it is coming very soon and you will want to add this to your event page immediately. That and some other awesome updates that are almost ready for you. So be on the lookout!

Finally, take a look below for all the other fixes our team pushed!

Additional Release Notes

Fixed: Ticket Widget Mobile Responsive
Our ticket widget thought it was cool to behave like it was 2005. Pinch to zoom is as trendy today as frosted tips.

Fixed: Sorting Upcoming Events
When you sorted by upcoming events, it ordered them in reverse for some odd reason. Cute joke, Mr. Sorting Option, but no one thinks this way.

Fixed: Copy Address Data

The system asked if you wanted to copy your previously entered address when there wasn’t an address entered yet. Our system hates you double-entering your information so much, it was trying to copy the information you hadn’t even entered yet. Now it won’t ask until the first address has been entered.

Fixed: Saved Payment Information Stopped Loading

For some reason, when logging in, your saved payment information didn’t populate on the page. We unplugged the router for 10 seconds and all is good now.

Fixed: Claim Account Link Went To Nowhere

A link to claim your account went rogue and instead took you nowhere — a diabolical scheme to overthrow passwords and accounts in the system. These dark forces have been defeated and order has been restored.

Fixed: Thermometer Widget Type Changed For No Reason

The widget type selector would change when it wasn’t asked to. How impolite. Now the widget must have a dang good reason to change.

Fixed: We misspelled our own street address

Yes, it’s true and sadly this is not our most embarrassing typo. Clearly, grammar and spelling is not our strong suit. On your invoices, we are spelling our street address gooder.

Fixed: Seat Holds Didn’t Show Sold Seats

When using group holds, the system showed all held seats as available when they weren’t. That’s fake news and we’re not CNN.

Fixed: Speaker Social Icons Displayed Extra Text

On the speaker profiles, the social media icons started receiving some unwanted text next to the icons. These unwanted textual advances will not be tolerated.

Fixed: Couldn’t Delete nor Download Uploaded Images

In your uploaded image gallery, you suddenly were unable to delete or download. We know you’re not ready for this level of commitment yet. So now you can delete and download them again.

Fixed: Allow International Phone Number in Organizational Settings

The system only expected US based phone numbers in organization settings. We sent the settings page to a Tony Robbins conference to eliminate this kind of small-minded thinking.