How to Use Facebook to Increase Your Sales

Using Facebook will increase your online registration sales. Today there are unlimited ways to promote your event. The avenues surround you, it’s a matter of learning to spot the opportunities and sharpen the tools currently in front of you. Online registrations are a recent phenomena that has opened doors for the industry in unimaginable ways. It has saved many headaches and time with it’s streamlined ability to capture money, capture custom data, and validate entry at the event.

Selling your registrations online expands your audience from the traditional methods and social media has become one of the most powerful tools to do so. Even though there are several different social marketing tools out there, from our experience  Facebook is one of the least expensive yet most effective ways to get more people to your event.

In our system, we have built some easy tools to help make it easier to promote your event on Facebook and expand upon your current audience base. Here are 4 features in our software to help get your event known through Facebook:

Share and Save

It’s easy to broadcast your event to your current following on Facebook, but how do you expand your current base? Using Share and Save allows you to use your current following to promote the event for you. Sure you can pay marketers to market your event, or you can incentivize your current audience to promote your event for you. With Share and Save, you can provide a discount as small as $1 or as large as $100, and the discount is only applied if they share the link to your event on their Facebook wall. It’s effortless marketing!

Tag and Share

The new Facebook algorithm can cause it to be easy to miss what a friend post sometimes. Enabling Tag and Share allows your users to tag specific people. Once someone buys their registration, they will be able to share your event link onto their Facebook Wall tagging their friends to encourage them to come to the event. Since the post is tagging specific people, the tagged friends will receive a notification and see the  posted link from their friend in which they can click and purchase a registration to join! Sharing and tagging specifically targets people, making the share more effective.

Facebook App

Sharing the link to your page is definitely one way to make it easy for the Facebook audience to simply click and be directed to purchasing a registration. We try to even eliminate this step with our Facebook app. Our Facebook app plugs in the ticket page right into your Facebook, so people who are learning about your event can see a “Register” tab to purchase a registration right then and there! Having multiple ways to get to your page will only help you increase your conversion rate and using the Facebook app to eliminate a click will increase your registration revenue.

Create a Facebook Event Page

Having a Facebook page for your event helps attendees stay connected with the progress of your event. The updates will build up hype and momentum, not only getting your current audience excited for the event, but motivate attendees to keep sharing your event so more people can join in on the fun. It’s an easy way to boost your audience base. Facebook members can click to be ‘interested’ or ‘going’ to your event which shows on their friends’ news feed . If a member becomes interested or shows that they are going to your event on your FB page, any update you make on the event page will notify that member. It’s a great way to keep your followers updated and hyped on the upcoming event, and for members to continue to share your event around Facebook.

With the use of these Facebook tools and features in our software, you will be able to effortlessly increase your network to market to. Have you tried out these features in our software? Which have you found most effective?