Make Your Form Great Again

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Come November (errr right now actually) you have a choice. We have a message that every American needs to hear. We want make your form great again! After-all, you are using the greatest software provider in the universe. There’s no doubt about it, everyone thinks our software is amazing.

The problem is all the crooked people who want your form to lose. They want to take your form back to the late 2000s with its failing design and aesthetic. They want your form to look like them, but we want your form to look like you. We want to make your form the greatest form that has ever been created. We want your form to win. We want your form to be great again. Our software has some tremendous features that are just outstanding.

Here is our 8 point plan to make your form great again.


We have taken the special interests on. The special interests are the ones who only want you to use Arial or Times New Roman font. We have some tremendous font selections that you can use. Try Roboto, Montserat, or even the ever popular Open Sans. The choice is yours. Don’t let the special interests win in restricting you to only a couple fonts.

Quality Images

There is no reason, in the greatest country in the world that you need to settle for crappy stock photos. Whether it’s a background image or a banner image, we have thousands and thousands and thousands of high quality images you can add to your form for free (even if they happen to contain a bad combover).


Conditional Logic

We need to acknowledge the failed policies of one-size-fits-all forms. All men are created equal, but that doesn’t mean every form is equal. No longer will you have to add descriptions such as “leave blank if none” to your registration form. We want the common man to again, have the power to make real impactful changes.


Custom Fields

Today’s options for collecting information is terrible. Just horrible. The lying competitors want to restrict your freedom to predefined fields and options. We want to liberate you. That’s why we give you the power and control to add as many fields and options as you want. We believe in freedom!



If you look around at some of these other forms, there is no creativity whatsoever. Look at them. They are pitiful. The same failed policies of the past say that you cannot add video to your page. It’s time for a change. If you have video content, we believe you should have the freedom to include it on your form. This is America!

Custom CSS

Let’s be honest. Many forms are extremely unattractive. You wouldn’t even date them; they are so unattractive. Our forms are beautiful and not only will people want to date them, they will want to register on them. Make them even more beautiful with custom CSS. You can make them look so beautiful with CSS, they could be entered into a Miss Universe pageant.


People are losing millions and millions and millions of dollars by not having product or merchandise sales included on their form. We built a great, great feature that includes product sales and merchandise on your form for sale. Its absolutely incredible.


We Built a Wall

There are millions of bad guys out there who want to do harm to your forms. That’s why we built a great great [fire]wall that protects your forms. It’s beautiful. We let the good guys in and keep the bad guys out. When you building your form with our software, you get to stay behind our great, big, beautiful [fire]wall and sleep peacefully at night.

This is just the start. We have a tremendous team that is working night and day to work on the next HUGE feature. Between you and us, we’ll make every form great again.