Meet Joel — Our Good Vibes Engineer

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Incredible references are ideal when applying for any job. During our interview process with Joel, incredible was just the start of what his references had to say about him. One of the references happened to even be a client of ours and they said they’d hire him again in a heartbeat!

Joel is always upbeat and shares good vibes with everyone who walks through our door, even the solicitors. If you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up in your day reach out to Joel. He’ll lift your spirits and make sure you feel heard.

With that being said, meet Joel, our Good Vibes Engineer.

What do you love most about being part of/joining the Webconnex Team?

I love the comradery. The office culture continues to amaze me. I genuinely enjoy working with all of these fascinating people. Our ping pong table, endless snacks, and rotating keg doesn’t hurt either.

When you have a free Saturday to do whatever you want, what do you do?

Well, free Saturdays are hard to come by with my incredible, beautiful, ultra-planner wife and one-year-old son. He just learned to walk and insists on exploring everything he can get his hands on. But typically if the weather is nice and the price is right, you can find me on a golf course with friends.

What are some plans you have for this year/upcoming year?

I plan on losing a few pounds this year. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about an active lifestyle like, riding my bike to work, eating healthier etc. The struggle to avoid the dad bod is real folks.

What is your favorite YouTube video right now?

I’m more of a podcast guy, but Golf Tutorials are most often what I’ll watch on YouTube.

What is something (or a couple things) we don’t know about you?

I love to cook and do most of the cooking at home. Also, love the ocean, and would be in the water any chance I get. I actually learned to swim in Manhattan beach before I could walk. I sing and play guitar. I even used to play at restaurants and for private parties. I now sing and play guitar with our worship team at my church. I also got my degree in Pre – Physical Therapy, so I know a fair bit about the body and injury prevention.