Meet Our Chief Story Teller

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As a software company with great technology, we need to keep in mind that our customers need to know how and why our software works the way it does. After-all, it doesn’t matter how good a product or service is if the customers don’t understand it’s value.

In today’s age, the best form to tell any story is video. In fact, a recent study concluded that video is the most favored form of content for customers to consume.

But creating effective video content is harder than it seems. Effective video is not simply stitching together footage and overlaying text. Effective video is requires the ability to captivate an audience’s attention and keep them engaged long enough to communicate your value. That folks, is quite hard.

Enter Mr. Aaron TerBerg — a man whose creativity, cleverness and class was legendary. His work was in high demand producing incredible videos for brands throughout our city.

One day after a friendly (and fateful) ping pong match with him in our office, we knew that we needed to have him on the team. It would take almost a year and a half to make it happen, but we finally found the person who could make any subject interesting and fun — and tell the story well.

But beyond Aaron’s ridiculous talent, he is one of the most thoughtful human beings you will ever meet. In fact, he once publicly shared the barcode from a Starbucks gift card on social media for anyone to buy a cup of coffee on him. Seriously.

Let’s meet Aaron TerBerg.

Yes. The B is capital. And before you ask, gif is pronounced with a soft g. It’s not peanut butter.

Life is so sweet. I can’t even fathom that I get to work at a place like Webconnex. While most are stuck in their 9 to 5 cages, (sorry if that’s you) I fly higher than a drone with eagle’s wings. Being given every opportunity to shine bright like a diamond, I come into work everyday smiling and whistling. You know, smile-whistling.

Though I originally went to school to be a choir teacher, I found my passion in telling stories with pixels. And believe me, it’s a much better fit. Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, I’ve seen my fair share of lights and sounds. What I really love is communicating ideas. And so far, the best way I’ve seen to do that is through a screen. Along with the act of bringing people together, what I get to do everyday is truly a match made in heaven.

While talking about the past is fun. It’s even better to talk about the future. I like Sacramento, and I like the big things that are happening here. I think staying here for a bit is a good thing. I’m only expecting to accept greater opportunities and take bigger risks in the near future. There is simply too much out there to be done and seen to not take a hold of it. You know. That whole life being like a box of chocolates thing.

Everyday I am searching for that fine line between practical and abstract like it’s the end of a tape roll. But certainly, it can be done with style. I believe that the day your work lines up with your taste is the worst day of your life. Stay hungry. Stay awake. Stay you.

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