What’s New — Spring Product Update

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Spring has sprung Spring season which means it’s time for another product update! Daylights Saving’s lost hour has nothing on us as we continue to work on new updates for you in our software! Check out what we have for you this month in the video below!

**Review the additional release notes at the end of this post! You just might find something you’ve been hoping for.

Bulk Resend Confirmation Emails

The final days leading up to your event can cause a flood of inquiries in your inbox. Everything from parking, accommodations, and “Can you resend my confirmation?”. We wanted to build you something that streamlines this correspondence, while also keeping your attendees engaged and excited leading up to your event.

Under Emails, you will now see “Scheduled Reminders”. You can create multiple reminder emails to automatically send before your event. You can set them to send 24, 48, or 72 hours in advanced. You can even set a custom date! Reminder emails are a great way to keep everyone in the loop and excited to attend your event. Best of all, every email will include the attendee’s confirmation, ensuring their confirmation will be at the top of their inbox ready for easy access the day of your event.

**Note: We released Apple Wallet in our last update, allowing attendees to download their confirmation to the Apple Wallet app on their phone. Making it even easier to access their confirmation without having to open their inbox at the event.

Referral Program

You’ve seen it before the, “Refer a friend and get $20” offer for other products or software solutions. We are excited to now announce we’ve launched our own referral program! But instead of a measly $20 per friend, we are giving you $200 per referral.

In our over 10 years of company existence, we have no had sales team until this past year! That means we have primarily depended on word of mouth for our company growth. So to thank you for your future referrals, we wanted to make it big. So not only will you receive a $200 credit, the friends you refer will additionally receive a $200 in credit!

**Terms and conditions do apply. Contact us if you want to be the first to use the referral program.

Check-in App

We’re excited to debut a brand new version of the check-in app! We have taken all your feedback with the goal to create the most powerful and flexible check-in app on the market. Here are some of the new features you’ll see:

  • Real-Time Check-in Progress Across All Levels – See a roster of who is checked and who is still coming across all registration options.
  • In-App Edits To Registration – Upgrade or downgrade someone’s registration from the app including up-charging or refunding their card on file.
  • Offline mode – Download all your registrants and use the app offline so you can sync it later.
  • Signature Collection with Photo Proof – Collect a real digital signature on site with your terms that also captures a picture of the face of the attendee.
  • Check-in sessions and redeem registration upgrades – Similar to merchandise.
  • Self Check-in Mode – Setup a kiosk and let people check themselves in. This also includes the finger signature and photo verification as optional settings.

The app has been in private beta for a few months now and will be released publicly soon. If you want to start using this new version now, just let us know so we can add you to the party.

Super Cool Trick

Want an easy way to create some instant demand for your event? Instead of doing early bird discounts based on date, offer a crazy discount to the first 40 to 50 people to register. You can automate this with actions. You offer as many waves or tiers you want and the system will dynamically adjust your pricing based on how many you’ve sold. Super cool huh?

To get the step by step on how to do it, click here for the link to help article!

If you’re ever looking for more helpful tips to run your event, be sure to check out more of our blog posts or even sign up to receive these tips directly in your inbox! Our team has curated helpful tips and best practices of our software and your industry that you may never have thought of.

We hope you find our update helpful! Over the next couple of months, our team is working on some big projects that will set our software up for some amazing functionality ya’ll have been needing.

Additional Release Notes

New: International Currency Is Out of Beta

Perhaps the longest beta feature in the history of tech, our international foreign currencies are now available to anyone without requesting the feature to be live.

Fixed: Image Gallery Converted Thumbnail Previews to White

For a period there, our image gallery showed all your uploaded images as white thumbnails. White nails haven’t been in style for a while and we don’t anticipate them being in style any time soon. The system now shows the correct preview.

Fixed: Unhandled Rejection Which Caused a Dymo Printing Failure

Apparently, the system couldn’t handle rejection – which caused the Dymo printer to fail. We toughened him up and he is now unafraid of the rejection.

Fixed: Scheduled Reminder Emails Were Limited to 10 recipients

Unless you were hosting an event that could be hosted in a camper van, not all of your attendees would receive the reminder emails. Now it appropriately sends to all your attendees.

Fixed: System Allowed You To Delete Yourself Before Paying Nothing

In one of the oddest edge cases ever, before checkout, the software would allow someone to delete themselves and pay $0 to register no one. Your guess is good as ours as to why someone would do that, but this strange behavior is now disallowed.

Fixed: Commas Were Converted to Quotations in Support Staff Field

As a religiously-tolerant company, we will not tolerate the forced conversion of anyone — including a comma.

Fixed: Edit Order Would Let You Change the Event Selection

If you wanted to switch the event selection on an order, the system wouldn’t let you. Kind of like a jealous ex who is freaking out about you going out, it got weird for a second. But all is resolved and people are moving on with their lives.

Fixed: Archive Link Disappeared When Viewing Page List

We’re fans of hide and seek just like anyone, but this hiding trick got old. We put the kibosh on these hiding shenanigans.

Fixed: Unequal Boxes Surrounding Export Icons

In an era of pursuing equality, we are doing our part to make sure all our export icons have equality in dimension as well.

Fixed: PDF Terms of Use Went Missing In Account Manager

We’ve all seen legal documents that had tiny print. This bug made the print completely vanish when your users were using Account Manager. Now everyone can see the text they’ll never read.

Fixed: Commas Turns To Decimals In Donation Field

The system assumed that when someone entered a comma, they really meant a period. As my basketball coach brashly told me, “Never assume… Because assuming makes an a…” well you know how the saying goes.

Fixed: Internal Billing For Declined Cards

We’ve been operating a charity of sorts in our billing department here with our inability to collect declined cards. If your card declines you’ll get a series of gentle nudges to update your card. Thereafter, we send goons carrying violin cases.