The Ultimate Event Volunteer Checklist

Proper volunteer support is vital to running a smooth event. Don’t get caught off guard by last minute responsibilities. Download the RedPodium Volunteers Guide to know exactly what areas you need to have covered. This Volunteer Guide contains over 30 recommended roles and responsibilities that are essential for your event that can be managed by volunteers.

This guide covers large and small tasks for volunteers and includes the most commonly forgotten responsibilities (which also happen to be some of the most basic ones!). This guide will keep you from missing key areas of your event, causing unnecessary stress the day of your event.

After reviewing the guide, use RedPodium to then create an awesome volunteer signup page to fulfill the available positions for your event.

Click here to download the Volunteer Guide now.

Once you have your volunteer signup form in place, checkout these tips on how to attract more volunteers.

Are there any volunteer positions we missed?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’d love to get your suggestions added in. We hope you have the best event ever!  Happy event producing!