Helpful Videos For Mastering RedPodium

We're so excited for you to try RedPodium. We have created this launch guide to walk you through each area of the system. In a few short minutes you will be a master of RedPodium and will be able to do the impossible. Use the menu above to tour each section of the system. These overviews will help you get going.

Video #1: Getting Started


Take 2 minutes to familiarize yourself with the most important areas of the system

Video #2: Creating Your Page


This 2 minute video will show you how to create your first page.

Video #3: Getting Paid


In this video, you'll see the steps to setup your payment gateway and get direct deposits.

Other Popular Tutorials


Learn how conditional logic works and set up conditional pricing, visibility and data requirements.

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Learn how to edit and manage your data, or customize and sort your data into a spreadsheet.

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Learn how to setup coupons, import a series and use coupons to target only select options.

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Ambassador Program

Learn how to set up a tool that allows ambassadors to earn financial rewards for the registrants they sign up.

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Check-In App

Learn how to utilize our free app to make checking in registrants fast, simple, and volunteer-friendly.

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Learn how to set up your page so registrants can transfer their registrations to each other.

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