Supercharge Your Event Revenue With Merchandise & Product Sales

RedPodium's software goes beyond simple options that calculate price. This is a fully featured product management solution with product variants, inventory control, image uploads and more.

Fully Featured Product Management


Product Images and Descriptions

Upload unique photos, titles, and descriptions for each product. The products are rendered beautifully on the form and in mobile view as well.

Product Variants

If you have a product that comes in various sizes, colors, and options, you can set up variants for any product you like. Variants are the options a product may be available in (ex: small, medium, large; or blue, grey, red).

Manage Inventory of Products

If you have limited availability of a product (or even a particular size of product), have no fear. Simply enable inventory tracking on the product and we will make sure you never oversell.

Combine Product Sales with Actions

Make merchandise dynamic by using RedPodium's conditional logic actions.

  • Discount Product For Early Bird
  • Show Products Only For Teams
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Discount Merchandise For Groups
  • Show Specific Products To Registrants Of A Class
  • Show Age Appropriate Sizes
  • Filter Out Gender Specific Sizes
  • Apply Bulk Discounts
  • Limit Discounts