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Choose which version of RedPodium you would like to try. Need help deciding? Call us and we will help you make the best decision.

Choose which version of RedPodium You Want To Use

RedPodium 3.0 (Classic)

3.0 has processed hundreds of millions of dollars for our customers. It offers ultimate simplicity and functionality for most event organizers. You can learn more about RedPodium Classic here.

Learn About RedPodium Classic

89 cents a paid registrant + $19 a month.
RedPodium Classic will be available until 2017

RedPodium 4.0

The much anticipated RedPodium 4.0 is here after years of development! The new RedPodium 4.0 is now available.

Signup For RedPodium 4.0

99 cents a registrant. Free events are free.

RedPodium 4.0 is finally here after over 3 years of development. The new RedPodium has been rebuilt from the ground up and is the best the market has ever seen.


Common Questions


Which version should I choose?

Between RedPodium classic and RedPodium 4.0, we recommend you try the 4.0. It is where the future is headed and offers the most robust functionality.

Will you convert data between the two systems?

No, 4.0 is vastly different and is a ground up relaunch of RedPodium. You can export your data any time from either system, but there is no current conversion or import of data between the two systems.