If you’re like me, you love the idea of producing consistent and engaging content, but dread the process of actually sitting down and writing. Well, I have good news for you! Our team here at Webconnex has some awesome ways that help us press the reset button on our creativity. When producing content to promote your event and build engagement with your registrants, here are 4 tips to snap out of writer’s block.

  1. Get to snapping! My favorite way to bust loose from writers block is to start snapping photos. Now you’ve shortened your multiple paragraph blog post down to simple photo captions. Photos on Facebook receive over 50% more likes and over 100% more comments. Not only can the visual content be used to clear your mind from writers block but it is a great way to engage your audience.
  2. Let it roll! Pull out your smartphone and spice things up with a quick, fun video. Let people get to know the faces behind your event. You can even take advantage of Facebook’s new livestream feature to give insight into the culture of your company and build excitement around your event.
  3. Fact or fiction? Run some interesting facts on your company, organization or industry and post them to social media. You can increase engagement by turning them into a fun contest by asking people to vote fact or fiction. Even offer a prize to a random commenter who posts the correct guess.
  4. Interview. Instead of you coming up with all of the content yourself, simply come up with well thought out questions and let your interviewee provide you with all the content you need. This will give you the opportunity to give your mind a break from producing all of the posts yourself and possibly inspire future content.

I think you'll find there is a sense of freedom that can come when you don’t limit yourself solely to textual content. Try these alternative types of posts for yourself and let all of us here at Webconnex know how they work for you.

Do you have other tactics you use to snap out of writer’s block? We’d love to hear them. Connect with us on chat and drop you knowledge on us.