Data and Analytics

Realtime Reports and Analytics

Experience advanced race registration analytics with RedPodium. Track trends, gain deep insights, and monitor conversions in real-time. Benefit from summarized data views tailored specifically for race events and harness the power of data-driven decision-making to ensure your event's unparalleled success.

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TicketSpice pricing

All the Metrics You Care About in One Place

RedPodium race registration platform gives you native tracking and analytics for all the numbers you care about. Your event registration data summaries and statistical analysis will give you and your team the exact views they need to understand your event performance. Reduce your reliance on 3rd party tracking tools and enjoy the real time stats right in your RedPodium dashboard.

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Detailed Summary of Your Event's Performance

RedPodium generates for you a simplified and consolidated dashboard showing all the key performance indicators for your event. Get a itemized review of your event registration sales, cancelations, refunds, attendee counts, traffic visitors and revenue per visit automatically generated for you.

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Time Based Visualizations

RedPodium generates beautiful line graphs of your race registration sales and registration page visitors over time so you can track trends and marketing performance efforts. Customize the date ranges of your time based charts according to weekly, monthly, quarterly, year to date, and lifetime views.

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All Your Race Data Visualized

No matter how complex the data is for your race event registration page is, RedPodium visualizes it into charts for you to understand performance, usage, limits, and revenue. Additionally, RedPodium gives you breakdowns of repeat vs new customers, mobile phone usages during registration, and so much more.

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Traffic Sources and Heatmaps

Understanding where your traffic is coming from and what sources are generating sales to your event registration page helps you make better informed decisions for how to grow your event. RedPodium automatically displays your top traffic sources and plots your customers and visitors nicely on a geolcation heatmap.

All the metrics that matter. Instantly.

Every actionable metrics you care about are beautifully generated for you in real time.

Visitor and Traffic

View top referrers to your registration page, how many unique visitors and page views.

Conversion Rate

We instantly show you what percentage of your visitors end up registering for your event.

Transaction Time

See in an instant how long it takes your registrants to sign up on your form. See averages, shortest and longest times.

Average Revenue per Visit

Understand the average revenue per visitor to your event registration page.

Detailed Breakdowns

All your data captured during registration is broken out into helpful charts.

Sources and Locations

See where traffic and customers are located and how they arrived at your page.

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