Weekly Event Payouts

Get Paid Instantly with RedPodium Weekly Payouts

Too many event registration platforms keep you waiting for your funds. At RedPodium, we believe your event earnings belong to you. Experience the freedom of event payouts and fast funding tailored to your schedule - be it weekly or monthly.

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Maximize Your Event Revenue with Weekly Event Payouts

You sold the registration. Those funds are yours. We'll never stand in the way of revenue meant for you and your event.

Start Processing Payments Right Away

Once you create your event and hit publish, you'll be guided through a streamlined process to accept payments on the spot. For direct deposit payments, a brief verification step is required. Once complete, you'll add banking details, specify payout frequency, and you're up and running.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Payments Linked to Your Organization, Not Us

When participants register and make a payment, it's your organization's name they'll recognize on their credit card statements. Fund transfers are direct to you, not through us, keeping you in total control of your event's finances.

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Calculate and Pass On Fees Before Payouts

Leverage RedPodium's integrated payment engine to automatically pass on any processing fees to your participants. This feature not only simplifies financial reporting but also ensures you receive the full amount from transactions. Achieve hassle-free cash flow management with RedPodium.

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TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Enjoy Versatile Payment Processing Options

RedPodium offers direct and immediate payouts with our integrated payment processor. But you have multiple options of which payment processors you can use.  You're welcome to choose from one of many  leading payment gateways to facilitate payments for your event. Some restrictions and fees may apply.

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Peace of Mind with Weekly Event Payouts

Never wonder again if funds will hit your account.

Accept payments in record time

After you're done creating your event registration page, hit publish, and start accepting payments right away.

Direct deposit payouts

Receive your event payouts directly via direct deposit to your own bank account.

Calculate and pass on fees

Let RegFox auto-calculate your payment processing and software fees to pass on to your attendees.

Fast Event Payouts

Decide how often you want your event payouts based on your bookkeeping preferences.

Built-in fraud detection

We partner with industry leading technologies to detect fraud patterns and suspicious activity.

Use your own payment gateway instead

Use your own payment gateway by choosing one of our eight compatible gateway partners.

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