Perfecting the Art of Event Waitlists

Your event needs a more comprehensive waitlist tool than just a list of emails. RedPodium empowers you to instantly convert waitlisted registrants into actual paid participants without hoping waitlist guest return and register.

Registrants who join the waitlist must complete the necessary registration information and a card on file to join the waitlist. When you decide to move someone off the waitlist, a merely 2 clicks charges their card and confirms their registration. Waitlists have never been so powerful until now.

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Simple Set Up to Waitlist Your Participants

It's simple to activate the waitlist feature for an event on RedPodium. Simply set the available capacity for any given option, then toggle on the waitlist function. Upon submitting that registration option, RedPodium intuitively presents the option for users to be placed on the waitlist.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Gather Full Registration Details and Payment Information from Waitlisted Participants

Say goodbye to the tedious task of informing waitlisted individuals about available slots and then waiting for their response. RedPodium's innovative waitlist capability obtains complete registration data and payment credentials. This way, when a spot becomes available, you can swiftly transition someone from the waitlist and immediately process their payment,.

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Convert Waitlist Attendees to Instant Revenue

RedPodium's waitlist management redefines convenience. Review each individual registrant and move them off the waitlist, or mass charge the entire set of waitlist attendees. The registrant's cards are instantly charged and their statuses updated.

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Intuitive Waitlists Mean A Smoother Event

Don't let other platforms over promise and under deliver on your event. Only RedPodium does waitlists like this.

Offer waitlists for any registration field

Set capacity for any registration option and enable waitlist for one or more registration fields.

Easily manage oversells

Keep track of your oversells when you convert participants off the waitlist.

Capture attendee and payment details

Full registration and payment details for waitlist attendees are stored for instant confirmation.

Mass charge waitlisted attendees

Review waitlisted attendees and convert & charge them individually or in mass.

Decline recapture

Decline credit card notifications get sent to attendees who can update cards on file.

Make changes to waitlist attendees

Upgrade, downgrade, or change any information on a waitlist attendee.

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