Sell Upgrades and Add-Ons

Maximize Revenue with Add-ons, Upsells, and Merchandise

Don't overlook the potential of promoting merchandise and add-ons during the registration process. Enhance your typical event signup and boost revenue by offering swag purchases, vanity bibs, training programs, and more from RedPodium.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Sell Simple to Complex Add-Ons and Upgrades

Regardless of the type of merchandise, offering, or add-on you're introducing, RedPodium facilitates an effortless inclusion to your event page.

Simply upload an image and describe your add-ons – they'll be elegantly showcased on your registration page for selection.

Should your offering have sizing, variants, or options, RedPodium supports multiple variants for products and lets you track your inventory of all items.

Revel in the Revenue Uplift

When presented during the registration phase, add-ons and merchandise, on average, achieve a commendable 15%-20% conversion rate. This signifies more revenue funneled directly to your event. Best of all, your attendees don't need to stand in line or wait to order their products on site. You can simply have a pickup table making redemption easier than ever.

TicketSpice pricing

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