Ambassador Program

Reward Registrants For Sharing Your Event

RedPodium's innovative Ambassador Program helps you turn registrants into your biggest fans and advocates by incentivizing sharing your event with their friends and family. When they do, they'll earn money back against their registration cost and can earn a full refund.

Best of all, this is fully automated within RedPodium so you don't have to lift a finger.

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Turn Your Registrants Into Referral Fanatics

Unleash your customers to spread the word about your event and earn money back.

How it Works

Easy Enrollment

Registrants enroll in the Ambassador Program immediately after registration.

Customized Links

Registrants receive a special link to share with family and friends that can also contain a discount.

Tracking + Redemption

Instantly see how many sales and registrants have come from Ambassadors.

Automatic Payouts

Ambassadors are issued payouts back to their original card after your event.

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Configure Your Program In Seconds

Set up how you want your program to run. Set the incentive, payout per referral and automatic payout date. We'll do the rest.

Registrants Are Given A Special Code and Link To Share With Friends.

Each unique code tracks sign ups back to the Ambassador. For every sign up they get, money is earned.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Ambassadors Spread The Word

The ambassador program syncs with Facebook so registrants can tag their friends with their special code embedded in the link.

Payouts Are Handled Automatically

When the payout date arrives, we verify every referral and then handle all the payouts automatically.

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