Recently we asked our creative writing team about the best event they have ever attended. As we went around the circle, some easily raved about their favorite event and others struggled to even name their favorite because they had attended so many! However, as a working mom, I found myself considering the busy people like myself who do not attend events very often or those who just don’t attend events at all.

I figured I’d help shed some light on the subject and provide you with 5 reasons people are not attending your event.

1. No easy way to register.

Consider where you are marketing and the path your potential registrant takes to register. Your marketing could be the first someone is presented with the idea of attending your event. If there isn’t an easy enough way for them to register from the moment they think “Hey that sounds super fun, I’d love to go to that!” you want to make sure they can be brought to a registration page online quickly and easily without distraction. Printing paper, writing a check and mailing a registration in is not streamlined enough for our fast-paced world. Your potential registrants want an easy registration process they can complete from the comfort of their mobile device.

2. The fear of the unknown.

Potential attendees are afraid to show up to an event unprepared, incorrectly dressed or with the potential of getting lost along the way. Make sure you have a page that’s easy to access on your website including necessary information that is easy to read and retain. Find the balance between giving all helpful information without overloading folks with information. Also, consider sending a follow-up email after a customer has purchased entry to your event. This will help lessen the likelihood of a cancellation or no-show when an attendee is well informed and prepared.

3. No social media presence.

It goes without saying that a social media presence is a must when promoting an event. You’ve created an awesome well-thought-out event, but if no one is hearing about it, what good does that do? Be smart with your use of social media. If your event is making progress on sponsors you’re getting, t-shirts are being order or chairs are being delivered, use that excitement and process to market your event. Sharing your excitement can build momentum for your event.

4. A cash-only event.

No one carries cash anymore. If your event requires doesn’t accept credit cards, you will not only lose attendees, but revenue from guests who forgot to bring cash to pay for any additional merchandise or food. Don’t put your attendees in the predicament of not being able to pay for additional items simply because they did not bring cash.

5. No easy way to invite friends.

People are social and like to do things with their friends. Incentivise these social butterflies with a group discount. This way they can get their friends to join them and you increase your sales for your event. This is also another way social media can come into the picture: offer attendees the opportunity to easily share the link to your registration page. This allows them to market on your behalf to their social circle.

Just because you have a great event and marketing doesn’t mean folks will attend your event. Set yourself up for success and maximize your sales with great attendance. Use these tips to keep your guests happy and enthusiastic about your event from the moment they register. Happy attendees will not only ensure you have a phenomenal event, but create a lasting relationship with guests that will pay off when you send out invites for your next event!