Summer events are in full swing, and soon it will be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk! Gearing up to help you host your best event ever, we’ve launched 8 new features and enhancements that are live in your account right now.

With these new features, you’ll feel more powerful than a newly elected HOA president.

Here’s what’s new!

1: Custom Tracking Links

You can now generate unique URLs to your ticketing page that let you track the source of your sales. So whether you want to track your website, affiliates, referrals, influencers, email blasts, text messages, or your grandma’s Facebook post, you can create custom links for every channel.

Best of all, you can embed pricing rules and discounts, and conditionally show any ticket or option using actions. Get the full tour of how it works here.

2: QR Code Generator

QR codes are more popular than frosted tips back in the 90s. And while you thought QR codes were just a thing during COVID, they are hanging around longer than your mother-in-law after the family bbq. QR codes make it easy for attendees to quickly get to your ticketing page.

TicketSpice now has a fast, friendly, and free way to generate a QR code for your ticketing page. You can even add your own logo to the QR code. Now in your page builder, under “Promote”, you can generate a QR code, including your logo, that directs to your ticketing page. See how it works here.

3: Sales Windows and Sales Cutoff Times

We added two new controls that let you determine the window of time people can reserve tickets. The first limits how far in advance someone can reserve tickets for a given date. For example, if you have a seasonal event, you may want to restrict the purchase window to the next 3 weeks instead of allowing purchases 3 months from now.

The second controls limits on how near to the start of your event someone can reserve a ticket. For example, if you offer attractions that start at certain times, you may want to prohibit purchases of new tickets within 15 minutes of the start time. Both controls are easy to use and you can learn how to use them here.

4: Custom Message when Password Protecting a Page

We enhanced the feature for password protecting your page with the ability to specify a custom message too. So instead of your attendees guessing why the page is password protected and trying password1 several times, you can communicate how and when they can access the page.

5: Payout Screen Beautification

We modernized and beautified the payouts reporting screen when using Wepay for payments. You can now directly download your event payout details from any summary page and we included additional messaging when your payout had adjustments such as chargeback fees, holds, or other payout modifications.

6: Box Office App +  CAD Payments

The TicketSpice Box Office App was not playing nice with Canadian debit cards for a little bit. But after a little timeout and some stern talking to, the latest version of the Box Office App has had a change of heart and now loves Canadian debit cards. Three cheers for making life easier for our friends up north!

7: Google Analytics 4 Support (GA4)

The big guys over at Google are sunsetting their former version of Google Analytics in favor of GA4, as the kids call it. In anticipation of this move, we have jumped ahead and the analytics tracking supports the legacy format and also the latest GA4 format.

8: Public API Enhancement Including Scanning Status

For the nerdier event pros, (No offense, we love nerds around here!) scanning data is now available in the TicketSpice Public API. This means you can use the API to find the scanned status of any given ticket and ticket holder.

One more thing…

Stay tuned for next week as we officially launch our brand new email communication center including automations which empower you to create high converting drip email campaigns. Watch your inbox for the news of that soon.

Until then, we appreciate you and are thankful we get to build the best ticketing company in the world alongside you. Let us know if we can help you in any way.

Here to help you host your most successful event ever!