When you are going live with your event, the first few weeks are crucial for building sales momentum. If you are an event organizer, being strategic with those first weeks is important. That’s why we have asked industry pros for some tips and tricks. Use these 9 tips and you’ll get your event sales off on the right foot and will be selling out in no time.

1) Build Pre-Sale Hype

Set a sales date, then give yourself a couple of weeks to build hype for when tickets go on sale. Use your social media pages to announce how many days until sales begin. Don’t have graphic design skills?, Not a problem when using a tool like Snappa to make simple graphics. We suggest 5-6 posts spread out over a span of two weeks counting down the days before sales begin.

2) Capture Pre-Sale Attendee Emails

Using your pre-sale graphics, direct interested customers to a landing page that allows people to enter their email address. They will be alerted when registration opens and can be the first to get in. You can include a countdown clock letting them see the remaining time before sales open. After-all, who doesn’t love a countdown clock!?

3) Blast The News Out When Sales Begin

When the clock strikes zero, be sure to let the world know. Post on social media, alert your pre-sale interested attendees, email past customer bases and shout it from your rooftop. It’s a big deal that you’re live. Let everyone know and make sure your early sales get an incentive.

4) Offer an Early Bird Incentive

Reward the first customers to get their spots reserved. You can offer an instant discount on the price of the event, give them free swag, exclusive experiences, and so much more. Make sure you treat your first buyers like royalty and get them excited with whatever incentive you are offering.

5) Automatically Apply The Incentive

If you are offering an incentive for early bird (and you better), make sure the incentive is automatically applied. Don’t make people search for codes or perform secret dances to get the incentive. Reward them instantly for being there on your page without any extra steps.

6) Build Urgency with a Countdown Clock

Remember we said people love countdown clocks, and here it is again. This time, use a countdown clock on the event purchasing page to show people how much time is left before their early bird perks run out. Let them know the incentive is for a limited time and it will go away if they don’t jump on it now.

7) Incentive Sharing and Group Purchases

Give folks the ability to make their money back through an ambassador program if they get enough friends to sign up. Additionally don’t hesitate to offer group pricing or take advantage of tag and share features that incentivize sharing about your event!

8) Don’t Bum Out Latecomers

You don’t want latecomers to get bummed out that they missed out on anything. If people see what they missed, they might wait for a promotion to get the same deal or reach out seeing if you’ll honor the earlier price and incentives. This can hurt your sales in a major way. So, when the time clock expires on your early bird incentives, bury the evidence and hide your early bird pricing.

9) Rinse and Repeat

Some people think they can have only one early bird experience. That’s not true. You can offer these incentives for short windows multiple times during your sales process. The most successful promoters we see offer limited time sales windows several times throughout the months leading up to the event.

Ready, Set, Go!

Remember, the first few weeks of your event can set the tone for the rest of your sale cycles. The more customers you have early on, the greater chance you will sell out before the event.Take these tips and go crush it by getting a boost in sales right out of the gate. By the way, all these features are native our products and you can set them up in minutes. If you need help getting any of this set up, our team is standing by ready to help in chat.

Thanks for reading!