On-site sales can be vital to the success of an event. For those organizations that rely on smooth operations and fair pricing we have exciting news for you!

New Pricing

Every penny counts when running a successful event. The TicketSpice overlords dropped the box office pricing in half to $0.49 cents a ticket, and made cash sales totally FREE!!!. This makes TicketSpice Box Office feature the most affordable way to sell tickets on-site EVER!!! You can retire that old funky system and recoup lots of money (and your sanity).

New Features

Online vs On-site Pricing

Now, you can set separate pricing and fees for online sales vs on-site sales for any given ticket level.

Visibility Rules For Tickets

Do you offer a ticket level that is only available on-site? Or perhaps ticket levels that are only available in advance online but not on-site? We understand the nuances of live events so no sweat. You can set new visibility rules  to an individual ticket level. This gives you control to make the tickets visible to everyone everywhere, online-only, or Box Office App only.

Cash Box and Cashier Session Tracking

We know tracking sales by a staff member with cash tracking is a pain in the you-know-what. Now when you start selling with the Box Office app, you can set a name for the cashier and specify a starting cash balance. When that cashier is done, the system will generate a report showing starting cash, ending cash, balance, as well as a summary of total sales.

Void Recent Sales

We all make mistakes. And if someone makes a mistake with a box office sale, you can now void that sale directly from the Box Office app which will refund the buyer.

We’re already at work on our next series of updates to the Box Office app. We hope these new features and new pricing make you leap for joy. If you have feedback or suggestions for us, just give us a shout.