Here at TicketSpice, we know you want to host a successful and profitable event. That’s why we always want to provide you with the best event ticketing and management solutions around! When our paths crossed with the folks over at Event Hub, we quickly realized our values aligned and we both offered specific yet different online software solutions for the event industry, that together could present a holistic event management plan.

While TicketSpice will provide you with the most affordable and customizable online ticketing solution, Event Hub can support all of your exhibitor needs! We reached out to Event Hub and asked them a few questions so they could share a little more about themselves and how they can work alongside TicketSpice. I'll let them take it away, meet our new friends, Event Hub!

Event Hub is the first exhibitor (vendor/sponsor) management platform plus global sponsorship marketplace for live event organizers. More than 300 events nationwide use us to streamline event operations, giving them more time to focus on what really matters - whether that is focusing on creative, building relationships or selling more sponsorship. Where growing sponsors is a goal, our marketplace brings in new sales leads.

Can you tell us a little about how Event Hub got started?

Event Hub was founded by live event industry veterans Jamie Nassar and Michael Bleau. Nearly a decade spent producing sponsorships at hundreds of festivals, sporting, and other live events, and spending several years producing their own charity festival, allowed them to discover two huge needs. First, a better way to match the right sponsors and exhibitors with the right events. Second, a huge need to simplify event operations between event organizers and their exhibitors leading up to and through the event, due to the massive amount of paperwork, deliverables and communication required.

What makes Event Hub different from other management software?

We are built from the ground up with a focus on the special relationship needs of the organizers and their exhibitors. This means that we have built out capabilities like automation and batching (by type of exhibitor) around exhibitor applications, payments, paperwork, and logistics. The second big differentiator is our first-of-its-kind sponsorship marketplace, that creates new revenue streams for organizers by funneling interested partners through the marketplace to event showcase pages, where exhibitors can apply for listed booths and sponsorships or message for a custom package.

What are the main areas that Event Hub helps event organizers?

The platform saves organizers and their teams' hundreds of production hours by easily managing exhibitor applications, payments, paperwork and logistics through a clean, intuitive dashboard that also enables batch updates and messaging. We also offer interactive floor plans for large expos.

From the marketplace, our customers often realize a 4X or more return on their investment, as new sponsors are funneled to their events’ multimedia rich showcase pages via keyword search and browsing from our home page. Thousands of brands, agencies and event marketers off all types use our marketplace to hunt for new sponsorship opportunities.

How can you use Event Hub alongside TicketSpice?

Whereas TicketSpice has built an intuitive and industry-leading ticketing platform with revolutionarily low fees, Event Hub has built an intuitive and industry-leading exhibitor platform that is priced at a modest annual subscription plan. The two used in parallel create a powerful one-two punch that enables organizers to focus on what matters most: whether that is creative, increasing topline revenue, or cultivating relationships with key stakeholders.

If you are the event organizer for a festival, trade show, expo, or sporting event, we would love to chat and show you how we could optimize exhibitor (vendor/sponsor) management and bring in more sales leads! Reach out to us at or request a free demo here.