With the guidance of our software, you can publish your page immediately and start promoting the live URL before your ticket page is even built!

Yes, you read that correctly. The front-facing ticket website will display a countdown clock and collect emails for those who are interested in being notified the moment your page goes live. This is your chance to let the software work for you.

There are only two outcomes; first, a person types in their email, they are notified when the event is live so they can take advantage of the discounted Early Bird pricing, and then converted into a sale. Or they get the email, look at the page and decide to not go to the event but they are aware of your event. And truly, event awareness is usually half the battle.

Getting eyes on your page is what some industries are built around, and you can increase your chances of conversion by 55% simply by collecting emails while you are building your page. Here is how our Data Scientist discovered that number.In our system, 2,593 pages collected emails while the page was waiting to sell tickets. Those pages collected 34,956 email and 19,227 converted into sales.

Here is how you collect those emails. After you have created a page with TicketSpice you will do the following.

  1. Go to the Settings Tab
  2. Then the Date option
  3. Insert the Registration Start Date
  4. Finally, Publish to make the page live.

Now, this is just a piece of the puzzle, but every piece counts. This one is an often overlooked feature that can add a little more ka-ching in that bank account.