We're well into the New Year, and you know what that means, you're probably still having to change those 7's into 8's.

Here’s some of our new features that we've released for the new year:

  • Employer Matching for Donations
  • Transfers
  • Bibs
  • A big update to reporting funds in GivingFuel

Check out the details here.

Employer Matching

Our Employer Matching feature, which was in beta, has been released to fly into all of creation. Employer Matching can be one of the easiest ways to increase your giving this year.

Did you know that there are thousands of companies who will match an employee’s charitable donation? Of course not, because it’s hard to find out which companies have it and how to process that matched donation. But our Employer Matching functionality solves all of that! All a donor needs to do is lookup to see if their employer has a matching donation program (which takes a single click) and and then our Employer Matching feature handles the rest.

Click to Learn More about employer matching.


We know that life happens sometimes. And your registrants aren’t always able to show up to your awesome event. It can be a headache managing all those transfer requests and emails but our new Transfers feature allows your registrants to transfer their registration to another willing and able participant without your having to be involved or even lift a finger.

That’s right! It is all automated! Gain back hours of your life, or at least minutes, with this awesome new feature!

This feature is live in RedPodium and is in beta testing for RegFox. Message in to our customer success team to learn how to become a beta tester.

Click to Learn More about transfers.


Race day can be pretty chaotic. Between the wave times, registration costs, and T-shirt inventories, the numbers begin to blend together. Thankfully, with our new Bibs feature, anyone who is racing that day, will be identified with a number.

Vanity can be a good thing and we’re so happy to announce vanity bibs!

This allows registrants to purchase their own number if they so desire. If your registrants prefer to have a specific number that they love using, they can claim that number all for themselves and you can claim a little extra profit. Bibs are still in beta testing, but once activated, you’ll find bib numbers at the top tab within your campaign.

Click to Learn More about bibs.


For all the GivingFuel customers, we have 2 new enhancements that extend the flexibility of fund tracking.

First, is the ability to allow for “other” funds. This permits the donor to enter a custom fund that may not be on your current list. It could be a special visit from an author, a campaign on Giving Tuesday, or maybe a disaster relief fund. This way, your donors have more options to support your efforts.

Secondly, you can enable “notes” for the donor to provide along with their donation. If someone needs to add additional instructions or comments to their donation, they can easily add it.

Best of all, both of these will be exportable on each recurring donation that gets processed. Meaning, it’s now much easier than ever to track special projects month over month.

Click to Learn More about Fund Tracking

This new year is shaping up to be pretty brilliant. And we only have more surprises and delights to share with you soon. As always we’re available to message on that little button in the bottom right hand corner of your account, as well as a Costco sized load of help articles that are just waiting for your eyes to scan. Thanks for reading this update. We’re looking forward to everything to come!Happy New Year!

Additional Items that were Released this Month:

  • Bug Fixed: Box Office app unexpectedly quit for multi-day and recurring events. We called the Orkin man and root out this pesky critter.
  • Fixes and Enhancements: In the honor of the new tax reform (not really), we fixed a few bugs surrounding year end charitable statements so donors get every penny of their deductions. Fixes include tax exempt value after editing a donation, calculations from multiple gifts from one donation, and making sure the donor who waits until 11:59pm on December 31 (slacker) to gets credit for the correct taxable year.
  • Enhancement: If you can’t find a registrant by searching any of the other normal ways, you can now search by order number.
  • Enhancement: Made registrant phone number part of the standard profile of any registrant. The person who overlooked this has been flogged by a wet noodle.
  • Fix / Enhancement: The TicketSpice app presumed you had super powers to interpret fragments of labels when the label was really long. We understand some of you are not superhuman and it’s legible for mere mortals now.
  • Enhancement. If there ever is drama between a donor and support staff who is receiving a regular donation, it’s now possible to re-allocate the donation to a different staff member. Unfriending on facebook not included.
  • Enhancement: Toggle to filter the ticketing page analytics by a particular event occurrence within the page (ie: multi-day, recurring event). Commence tears of joy.
  • Enhancement: We all love instant gratification. Exporting speed has been improved to meet the ever increasing need for speed.
  • Bug Fix: Control panel would not permit the editing of addresses for international donors. That was unfair and the code has been instructed to undergo international donor sensitivity training.
  • Enhancement: When joining a waitlist, we now allow your team selection to be honored and saved so you don’t have to leave your comfort zone and make new friends.
  • Enhancement: In account manager, multiple registrants on an order were randomized in order. We thought it might be fun (not really). It wasn’t and now is in the order when added to the registration.
  • Bug Fix: Rearranging membership levels wasn’t being respected. Respect was due and now the they can move to where they belong.