As an event organizer, you want your event to be financially profitable, and experientially delightful. Offering a few additional perks right before checkout can help you accomplish both goals.

These three tips below will enhance the experience of your attendees and increase your bottom line revenue.

The best part?  It happens before they even click “Submit.” Ready to make it rain?

Let’s go.

1. Merchandise

Right before your attendee is about to make the leap and purchase tickets, their enthusiasm is elevated.

If it’s an apple festival, they’re already imagining themselves frolicking through orchards and guzzling cider. Why not offer them a hoodie and a beanie to complement the sweater weather extravaganza?

The purchase will stoke their fire and add to your total revenue.

2. Ticket Levels

For some ticket buyers, general admission just won't cut it; they want access to exclusive perks and elite status. These attendees are happy to pay the more expensive ticket price to get access. If you only offer one ticket level, you miss out on this entire people group—which is often larger than you think!

Add some dimension to your event with the VIP ticket level options. This might look like a backstage meet and greet with the keynote speakers or unlimited drinks at a celebrity chef show.

There are tons of ways to make your attendee feel elite while simultaneously increasing your revenue.

3: Enhanced Experiences

Consider your event experience and then come up with an enhanced experience you can offer as an upgrade.

If your event has attractions, consider an upgrade that lets your attendees to skip the lines. Maybe it is preferred parking spot or a special meet and greet or a snack pack for the little ones.

Think of what could make the event experience special or unique and offer it as an upgrade for your ticket buyers.

4. Optional Donations

You would be surprised by how many people want to help and just need an avenue to express their generosity.

Adding an optional donation field on your ticket page is a simple but powerful way to add revenue. The donations can go toward a sponsor, a partner organization, or your own organization.

Alas, we hope that by this point in the email, you’ve transitioned from banging your head against the wall to wondering why you’ve never thought of these gold mines.

Whether you’ve heard of these revenue boosting tips before or this was new insight, now is the time to take these suggestions to your ticket page and watch the money roll in!

Here to help you host your most successful event ever!