It’s November! And you know what that means… Awkward family encounters, weird cranberry food mashups, and our product update is hot off the press.

We’re here to share a big announcement that is in your account, check it out!

Deposit Update

We’ve added the ability to make an additional payment or apply a credit towards a remaining balance. Additionally, if an attendee wants to make a payment towards their outstanding balance before their final payment is due, now they can! You as the admin can also make the payment on their behalf using their existing card or even a new card. Score!

Actions Update

We’ve now extended our actions to apply to fields in the header. You can now use actions to control the visibility of any of the descriptions, images, and text above your registration form. This is useful for showing and hiding countdown clocks, special instructions, and promotions that may have expired.

Did You Know? Memorized Reports

If you’re still manually selecting fields every time you want to pull a report, it’s time for a change! Did you know you can memorize the reports and have them automatically emailed to you every week?Add hours to your life by heading over to your exporter and build some memorized exports. Now now you’ll have more time for things like fact-checking family members excuses about why they couldn’t make it to Thanksgiving this year.

Did You Know? Online Giving Fees

Did you know 3 simple clicks can raise your giving by 3%? You can give your donors the option to cover their own processing fee. As you know there’s a cost to processing donations online and when offered this option over 80% of donors will cover this cost for you.

Now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Reserved Seating is Coming to TicketSpice!

There is a side of TicketSpice you’ve never seen before… where you can create a venue, customize tiered pricing, and crush those ticket sales. Brought to you at the same price of using TicketSpice now. This feature is already in BETA testing so if you want to try it out, message our team.

The BETA testing is doing great! If you want to try it out, email us at for joining us for another product. As always, we’re here to help you do more, make more, and keep more. From our team to yours, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Processing!

Customer Spotlight: Evening of Dreams

Evening of Dreams was created to help teens and young adults with special needs feel like royalty. The team at Evening of Dreams believes that everyone deserves to be treated like a king and queen, and they make that happen every year. Check it out!