Over the course of working with Webconnex for a little over a year now, I have learned not only how to offer awesome support, but also how to take care of myself in the midst of also taking care of our customers. As an advocate for happy and healthy customers and co-workers, I would like to propose a challenge for all who would like to create healthier habits in the workplace when demanding times arise.

If you ever have felt as though you are surviving instead of thriving in the workplace, here are 5 simple tips to maintaining self care in demanding times.

An·tic·i·pate — To anticipate means to regard as probable, expect and predict.

Know yourself. When anticipating, find out what causes you to lose momentum in taking care of yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses: could it be you struggle with anxiety, saying no, or easily feeling overwhelmed? What’s not working for you in the workplace? Whatever your weakness, it can easily turn into a negative cycle if you don’t see it coming. Recently I recognized that I was not entirely myself on certain days of the week. After a little bit of contemplating, I was able to pinpoint that these times were days that I was taking on more work than I could handle. I then addressed this with my team and we were able to figure out a solution to allow me to stay productive while also being healthy and happy. Know your environment and look for opportunities to better it.

Nur·ture — To nurture, is the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

Take care of yourself! Practical things like taking a walk, drinking water, a healthy diet and getting that solid 8 hours of sleep are all important things to help you nurture yourself daily. It’s easy to let all our energy drain during stressful times. Instead, save some of that energy for the things that matter. Sometimes even text messages, emails, and Facebook debates can drain us of our energy. Ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do daily to feel cared for and encouraged? For me, breaks are a must! When I take a break I come back to the task at hand I feel refreshed and ready for more! Consider what that may be for you.

Con·nect — To connect is to join together so as to provide access and communication; to be linked to a power source.

Get connected! It’s easy to get so focused at work that we forget about communicating with our co-workers insight as to what we may be experiencing or we forget to take the time to encourage one another. Adding strife between co-workers will never help the situation. Connecting with your team about what’s working and not working will allow positive change to come about. Maybe even connect with a coworker over a cup of coffee and let them know how you appreciate the role they play on your team. Here at Webconnex, we are intentional about taking time to share unique qualities each team member offers and encourage them in their unique role they play in our team. We have found this can even boost our productivity! I encourage you to genuinely connect with others and allow your communication to empower you and your team.

Own — To own is to take or acknowledge full responsibility for something.

Take ownership of your work! While you may not be able to control the tasks that are handed to you, you can control how you handle it. Find your strength and own it. You’ll find yourself motivated when you have a sense of ownership in what you’re doing. Consider the mark you want to leave in your workplace. It’s easy to maintain a positive attitude when things are going smooth, but when times are stressful, dig your heels in your work and take ownership of your strengths. This will build your confidence and overall ensure better self care.

Con·trib·ute — To contribute is to give something in order to help achieve or provide something.

Giving can be the last thing on our mind when we are feeling exhausted from demanding times; however contributing can be simple! It’s important to find what you love to do and do it well! We have some team members that are ultra empathetic with clients or some that love to add humor to emails and messages; knowing this, we allow each team member to be uniquely themselves while representing our company. Knowing what you have to offer to the team will help you feel that you are a valuable asset to the team. Each team member has their own passions, and there is room for yours as well. Everyone plays a part, but contributing starts with you.

As this has been something our team has been practicing very recently, these 5 tips are always what it comes down to for me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It can be a great reminder for all of us. So just remember when you’re needing a little pick-me-up, consider these 5 things: anticipate, nurture, connect, own, and contribute. Wait and see the effect it will have not only on you, but on your whole team as well!