Over the past decade, Bayside Church has been known to host one of the biggest Christmas services in the state (heck, maybe the country!). They recently outgrew their former ticketing solution and turned to TicketSpice for an improvement.

They wanted a solution that put them in control over the entire branding experience and also improved the reservation experience for their multi-night service that spans a couple of weeks. Additionally they required reserved seating where attendees could select individual seats in their venue.

Using our new reserved seating technology, Bayside was able to create a powerful ticketing page that matched their website and gave event-goers the smoothest and fastest purchasing experience possible.The result? Bayside sold out in record time. They were so overwhelmed by the sales surge, they created even more services and sold out of those as well. All told, over 30,000 people got to experience Christmas at Bayside.

Bottom line, the ticketing experience matters. Hear from Dan Chrystal, Pastor of Event Registration at Bayside Church, what Christmas at Bayside was like this year and how TicketSpice was there to see them break every record.