Human interaction is far more powerful than any Facebook post, magazine ad, or email. How many times has a friend influenced your decision around a product, phone, vacation, diet, or ticket? The Ambassador Program provides the perfect way to market your event by incentivizing your customers to promote and share with the people they know.

Let me tell you how it works: If I register for your event, a unique code and registration link will be created that I can directly share with friends. This makes me an ambassador and I get cash back for each registrant that uses my link and code to register. The great part is the event organizer can decide how much money is earned per code/link shared. Ambassadors can only earn as much money as the cost of registration. That way you, the event organizer, are never in the negative.

Here are some excellent reasons why you would utilize this feature with your upcoming event.

It Saves You Time and Money on Marketing

People trust what their friends say rather than what a brand says. As your attendees are promoting the event for you, you’re also saving the cash you would spend on marketing and advertisement to make your event better.

It’s Simple to Set up and Manage

All the attendee has to do to qualify as an ambassador is register. So, not only are you getting more registrants but you are incentivizing attendees to do the same. It's much like a wildfire effect that keeps spreading your event for free.

Click here if you want a more in-depth tutorial on how Ambassador Program in your account.We think the Ambassador Program is the most authentic form of marketing, that is bound to increase ticket sales. Save your billboard money, and use the people most interested in your event - your customers.