Our heart goes out to the countless events and promoters who’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been working on a new feature to help you adjust and adapt. If you have been considering virtual events and experiences, TicketSpice can now help. This new feature is perfect for artists, bands, performers, entertainers and influencers who want to sell access to their livestream or digital content. Whether the event or experience is free, paid, or benefits charity, TicketSpice has you covered.

New! Digital Event Page Type

When you create a page, you can make it a digital event type and then build the digital experience only ticket holders will have access to. Your digital access can be made available instantly upon ticket reservation, or a date in the future. You can even set up multiple streams, Zooms or links to appear at various specified times.

Here are 3 ways you can use this new feature to adjust to the virtual events market.

1: Host an Exclusive Livestream Experience - Millions are stuck in quarantine looking for fresh entertainment. A live streamed performance or mini experience from their favorite band, artist or celebrity may be the perfect thing to brighten the mood. Remember that price sensitivity is high right now, so maybe a $5-$10 price tag is best. Learn More!

2: Host an Experience Benefiting Charity - If you or artists, celebrities, or entertainers are resistant to charging for a streamed event, you could make the ticketing fee benefit charity. There are a lot of organizations, businesses and people hurting right now. Benefit a large national non-profit or heck, maybe the taco stand down the street. Public sentiment for doing good to help the hurting in surging times.

3: Sell Exclusive Digital Content - If you are wanting to monetize digital content, you can make that digital content available after a ticket purchase. Perhaps it is digital download like a song or video, or perhaps it is resources like ebooks and PDFs. Whatever you like, it’s possible. Learn more!

Also, if you or someone you know is a fitness trainer and has been displaced by the recent pandemic, they can move their fitness business online and host virtual training sessions for their pilates, yoga, CrossFit, or barre classes.

Some other things we’re doing...

Many of you know we also make an online giving product for churches and nonprofits. In response to the crazy times for those who desperately need to raise money, we are giving away our online giving product GivingFuel for free for 6 months. We even have a feature for churches to use an online donation page as their virtual service page so that congregants can give while attending the virtual service. We would appreciate you forwarding this email to churches or non-profits affected by the pandemic.

What if I am considering canceling my event?

We know you may be considering canceling your event. Are you able to postpone or reschedule your event instead?  We’ve seen a lot of our customers have great success with this instead of having to issue refunds. You also can issue a coupon code for future use to any of your events in the future. If you must cancel and refund, please know there are some temporary measures in place now with certain refund types in order to stabilize our partners and ourselves. You can read our letter here.


Okay, that was a lot. We want you to know we are in this together with you and are available to assist in any way possible. Just reply to this email and our team will spring into action. We hope this helps you survive and adjust in this crazy season. We’re with you.

Want to learn more?

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