“What’s the catch?”

This is the most common phrase we hear when people learn about all of our features at our unbelievable price. Our co-founder’s goal from the start of Webconnex was to make software that didn’t suck at very affordable prices. Who wants a tool that’s hard to manage and is cutting a hole in your pocket? … Exactly, no one does. We aim to do things in our software that our competitors in the market just aren’t doing. So what is it that makes us stand out?

Your Form

We give you tools allowing you to customize your page to make it look and feel like your website. When someone is purchasing a ticket, they should come to your ticket page without feeling like they’re being redirected off of your website. Our forms even have open css so that our clients have free reign to create beautiful forms promoting who they are, not us. Not only can you customize the design, but you can customize the flow of the ticketing process as well. With customizable questions and our conditional logic tool, you can keep your form personalized to each ticket holder type without having to create separate forms.  

Your Data

All of your customer data is your private data. We don’t sell your email lists to organizations, nor do we blast spam out to your ticket holders. We know how frustrating it is when you purchase a ticket for an event and immediately start to get junk mail. Though email marketing is helpful, it isn’t as helpful when the email consists of your competitor’s events displayed next to your event. This opens the door to lose attendees. Our clients pride themselves in their targeted, organic marketing that has grown their client base more effectively than other event platforms’ advertisement email blasts. Our software is meant to help you and your event, not to help others and their events with your ticket holders' information.

Your Money

There are no hidden fees! We strive to keep our pricing simple, affordable, and transparent, so you know the exact breakdown of your cost from the beginning. This is your money we are talking about! This is also why we provide a way to get you your money daily. Why should you have to wait until after the event to get the proceeds? That’s right, there is no reason you should have to wait! Your customers are paying now, and they are paying to come to your event. That money goes directly to you, not us.  Our goal is to keep our fees as low as we can so that you maximize profit as it’s coming in real time.

Your Support

Our support team is a constant topic within our client reviews. Ever feel like you’re really not being understood by a tech company’s support? Our support team consists of real people, some of which even help at events or manage events themselves. We know you’re stressed and have 10 balls coming at you at once. Why worry about yet another thing you have to keep track of? Some companies have a limited amount of hours for free support before you begin paying for assistance. Not us! Simply chime in and we’re happy to help you. With everything from personal phone calls, to cracking jokes or sending gifs over chat, we personally know our clients and enjoy helping them out with their events while empowering them to understand the platform they are using.

Your Choice

Our mindset is that this is your branding, your money, your event, and your life. We want you to choose us to be part of this. You don’t answer to us, we answer to you. So it would seem odd that you should be asked to be locked in a contract with us. Your relationship with us is contract-free. We believe this actually makes us better, making us strive to want to keep you as our client, because we know you have the freedom to choose other companies. It also empowers you to make the best decisions for your company or organization.We promise, we really are this straightforward. There are no games being played, we are here for you! Reach out and see for yourself, our actions will back up our words.

I can hear you thinking, “Where have you been all my life?” We’ve been waiting. Waiting for you to finally stumble upon us.