Bib Assignments

Easy Bib Assigning for Participants

If you are running a race and need to generate bib numbers for your registrants, you'll love how RedPodium makes this complicated process pain free. Set custom bib assignment rules and then update your entire roster with their issued bib numbers.

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Bib Assignments Suck, But They Don't Have to Anymore

The bib assignment process for events has known to take years off people's life expectancy. Our team created an intuitive wizard that can take your provisioned bib number ranges and then easily set rules for which registration types, options, and waves they apply to. Create blacklist of certain bib numbers and make any exclusions necessary. Then mass generate the bib numbers and all your registrants will be issued appropriate bib numbers. If you make a mistake, you can regenerate them quickly and easily.

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TicketSpice pricing

Vanity Bib Numbers

If you're looking for an amazingly easy want to generate some incremental revenue on your race, then offer the ability to reserve custom bib numbers to your registrants. Individuals can search and reserve meaningful bib numbers for a free or for a fee, its up to you. These vanity bib numbers can confirm to general assignment rules you set as well. Then when you generate the bib assignments for the remaining roster, the custom bib numbers are preserved within your registrants.

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Export Registrants with Bib Numbers Assigned

After you have generated and issued bib numbers to all your registrants, you can download the entire registrant roster and import to your timing and scoring system. Bib numbers are also see in the registration records when a registrant checks in making the entire process better than ever.

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Bib Assignments Done Right

We know check-in can historically be a pain in the seat warmer. RedPodium is built different.

Mass Bib Generation

Not just an event registration platform, RedPodium helps you issue bibs across all your registrants for your event.

Bib Assignment Rules

Set up complex numbering rules and ranges across class, wave, gender and more. Set priorities or orders and then run.

Vanity Bib Number Selection

Make additional revenue by letting registrants pick their own bib number within their approved range.

Blacklist + Excluded Numbers

Hold back certain bib numbers to elite and preferred competitors and also blacklist certain bib numbers that are undesirable.

Change and Regenerate

If you make a mistake or need to re-issue your bib numbers, you can change the rules and regenerate them in mass any time.

Fast Exporting

Export your entire participant roster along with their bib numbers directly to csv or excel and import into timing and scoring software.

Multi-Device Sync

Enjoy warp speed check-in with multiple device scanning. Each device stays in sync at all times.

Beautifully Intuitive

No training needed to use the app. It's so intuitive, you can trust even a low tech person to use it right

Fraud Detection

If any duplicate or fraudulent registrants show up, you'll catch them red handed instantly.

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