Convenience Fee Control

Set and Keep 100% All Conveniences Fees

Many event management platforms insert their own charges and fees, often without allowing event organizers any control of where they go. With RedPodium, the power of applying convenience fees lies in your hands. Any fee you introduce, you decide, adjust, and retain.

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Charge a Fee or Not. You Set it and You Keep it.

Discover massive incremental revenue with convenience fees that will go straight to the bottom line.

Design Fees as Flat Rates, Percentages, or a Mix of Both

You have the flexibility to implement convenience, administrative, or other associated fees as a fixed amount, a percentage of the ongoing total, or a blend of the two. Attendees are familiar with encountering such fees during event sign-ups, presenting an opportunity for these charges to be directed back to your event revenue.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Pure Profitablity

In event organizing, every dollar counts. Unlike many event management tools that dictate and retain their own fees, RedPodium grants you the freedom to define, markup, and keep your own fees. This unique advantage could be the determining factor in the financial success or failure of your event. Whatever you decide to charge, you keep.

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Swift QR Scanning and Real-Time Updates

As registrants check-in to you event, RedPodium will instantly pull up their registration data. Last-minute adjustments are a breeze with real-time modifications and the ability to charge a card on file for any changes.

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Convenience Fee Control Built With You in Mind

When your event makes more for you, we win too. It's a match made in heaven.

Your decision to charge a fee

Determine if you want to add a markup fee to your page or not. The choice is up to you.

Decide, adjust, and retain all of the fees

When adding any charge to your page, you set and keep 100% of it.

Fixed amounts or percentages

Create simple or complex fee calculations for your event registration page.

New revenue streams

Discover a brand new revenue source with service or convenience fees for your event.

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