Group Registration

Effortless Group Registration for Any Event

Group registration for your event is simple and intuitive with RedPodium. Each additional registrant accordians into a simple to stack on the registration pages keeping everything clear and simple. RedPodium makes relays, teams, and specialty events simple by allowing you to set rules on participant group sizes for specific classes.

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Hassle Free Group Registration

Other platforms can't handle group registration. Not RedPodium. We do this in our sleep.

A Single Click Does Wonders

Activate group registration for your event with a single click in RedPodium's event setup module. This lets attendees effortlessly enlist multiple participants during their own sign-up process. Choose your preferred experience for how to manage group registration from accordian style (default) or using page breaks.

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Set Criteria for Group Registration Sizes

Group Registration lets you tailor your event to specific group sizes and participant numbers. Whether it's mandating a duo for a tandem event or a team of four for a biking challenge, RedPodium transforms group sign-ups into a cakewalk.

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Efficiently Manage Every Participant in a Group

With RedPodium's group registration feature, you can tweak details of any group member without having to overhaul the entire registration. Looking to incorporate more participants to an existing group? No problem. How about editing their selections? Consider it done.

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Save Time and Headaches With Group Registrations

Group Registration is one of many ways RedPodium makes your event better.

Easy group registration setup

Turn on group registration with a single toggle to allow unique and fixed sized groups

Customized experience

Control the group registration experience, button language and display.

Group size requirements

Configure your event registration options to require set number of attendees for a given option.

Simple editing and adding

Update a single registrant or multiple registrants in a group and add additional ones in seconds.

Group cancelation

Cancel an individual in a group, the entire group, or just some. Refunds are perfectly calculated.

Linked registrant reporting

Exporting attendees will link registrants within a report with a common identifier.

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