Membership Management

Unlock the Power of Membership + Event Registration

RedPodium allows you to integrate membership management with your event registration pages. Offer members exclusive pricing, options, and access by validating members during registration.

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Membership + Event Management in One

You no longer need to manage to separate systems for your membership based events.

Sell, Renew and Validate Memberships During Registration

However you manage membership at your organization, RedPodium helps you integrate membership into your event registration experience. With RedPodium you can verify existing members directly from within your event page as well as offer renewals and new memberships. The entire process is simple and easy for you and your registrants.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Manage Exclusive Offers and Pricing for Members

conditional logic actions with membership lets you unlock the real power of membership and event registration. With RedPodium, you can effortlessly reveal member only options, pricing, offers, and information. Validated members can receive discounts and promotions only available to them making the experience smooth for all. You'll love how you can maintain all these important functions within one platform. Using

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Import Existing Members

If you manage membership in another platform, you can easily support validation of those members on RedPodium by importing the member IDs, numbers, and email addresses. RedPodium will validate member IDs and also send anyone their membership number if they lost it. So even if you don't want to sell new memberships within registration, RedPodium's member management tools save you time and headache.

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Do More with Event Registration + Membership

We know check-in can historically be a pain in the seat warmer. RedPodium is built different.

Member Validation

RedPodium will allow members to enter their member number and validate their current membership status right on the page.

Member Import

Using an external system? No problem. Just export those member numbers and put them in RedPodium and you're set.

Sell, Renew, and Auto-Renew

Sell memberships and manage renewals all on page. Turn on auto-renew for members and have the system take care of all the work.

Custom Memberships

Create unlimited membership levels for your event and registrants and conditionally show or hide them on a given event page.

Forgot Member Number

We'll help anyone who lost or cant find their member number during registration and send it to their inbox right away.

Automatic Renewal Billing

When using RedPodium to charge for memberships, we'll charge the registrants card on file for all renewals.

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