Participant Management

Easy Participant Management

Making changes to registrants doesn't need to be a nightmare. With RedPodium, effortlessly make changes to any registrant to any option without having to cancel and refund them. Even make changes that result in partial charges or refunds do an use the card on file.

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Manage Your Event Registrants Like Never Before

You'll love how easy participant management is with RedPodium event management software

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Quickly Search, View, Edit and Manage Registrants

Quickly and easily find any registrant for your event and view their registration record to review, edit, or make changes. Organize and sort your roster by event, registrations, date and more.

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Upgrade and Downgrade Any Registrant Easily

Recover hours lost to managing changes to your participant's registrations. If you have suffered through the pain of telling event registrants to re-register themselves to make changes, you'll love RedPodium's ability to make changes effortlessly even when its a upgrade or downgrade resulting in a financial difference. RedPodium will reference the registrant's card on file to make any partial charges or refunds due as well as allowing you to make changes for free.

TicketSpice pricing
TicketSpice pricing

Cancelations and Refunds are a Breeze

Cancellations and refunds inside of RedPodium are easy to manage and give you options to handle it your way. If you want to cancel a registrant, you can choose to give them a full refund, partial refund, or a code for use on another event. And when you issue a full refund, not only does the RedPodium fee get refunded, so does the payment processing fee as well. Ask your expensive registration provider if they do that (they don't).

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Recoup Hours and Your Sanity

RedPodium registrant and participant management system is designed to give your sanity back

Manage Rosters and Registrants

Quickly and easily organize, sort, and segment registrant rosters and view their registrant records and linked registrants.

Upgrades and Downgrounds

Make upgrades and downgrades to any registrant without cancelling and refunding. Make changes and use the card on file.

Cancelations and Refunds

Issue partial or full refunds to any registrant or issue them a coupon code for later use simply from the interface.

Resend Confirmations

Make changes and issue new confirmation emails or resend lost ones.

Add Additional Participants

Manage a registrant and add additional registrants to their registration in seconds.

Web-based Checkin

Manually lookup and check in any registrant directly from the web interface.

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