Pre-Registration with Card on File

Open up the possibilities for your event promotion by enabling RedPodium's pre-registration feature where attendees can reserve their spot to your event by placing a card on file. When you are ready, you can charge all the cards or some of them and converting pre-registered guest into confirmed ones.

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Pre-Registration Opens Up New Possibilites

Originally built to help event organizers resume events during changing regulations because of the pandemic, our pre-registration feature has a number of uses giving event organizers more flexibility in promoting and managing events. Some event organizers use pre-registration to determine demand for a specific event and location while others use the feature to screen registrants before processing their payment. However you want to use it, pre-registration gives event promoters new possibilities.

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TicketSpice pricing

Setup Takes Seconds

Adding pre-registration to your event registration page is easy as can be. Customize the messaging and availability of pre-registration on any page. You can make all registrants use pre-registration or provide it as an option alongside instant payment. Take it to the next level and use actions to conditionally show or hide pre-registration based on certain conditions.

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Review, Confirm, and Charge Registrants

Pre-Registered participants will display in a consolidated list for you to review. When registrants are still pre-registered, you can make any changes to their options and selections you desire enabling you maximum flexibility. When ready, confirm and charge registrants one by one or in mass. All cards on file will be charged and new confirmations will be sent.

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Do More with Pre-Registration

Pre-registration feature with RedPodium helps you run events your way

Easy Setup

Enable pre-registration to any of your registration pages with a couple clicks.

Customized Messaging

Customize the messaging for your registrants and what to expect with pre-registration.


Require all registrants to use pre-registration or offer it alongside instant payments.

Review Registrants

Easily view and review pre-registered guest and make any changes to any record.

Charge in Mass or Individually

When ready, charge pre-registered attendees in bulk or one by one.

Instant Payment

Because pre-registered participant have a card on file, payments are processed instantly.

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