#1 Low-Cost Event Registration Software for Races, Runs, and Endurance Sports

RedPodium is the secret to running smooth and profitable events for less. Save thousands of dollars with simple, powerful, and affordable event registration software that does what you need and skips the rest.

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Our technology is secretly processing billions for events everywhere

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Stop Overpaying For Complicated Event Race Registration Software

Race registration software these days are complicated, expensive, and worst of all filled with features you don't need or want. RedPodium is so ridiculously affordable you might think it's too good to be true. But it is true.

Even though we are the best low cost event registration software, we give you powerful features to help you run your best event ever. In fact, our technology has helped events everywhere make over $4 billion dollars and we're secretly used and loved by thousands of event organizers.

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We Dare You To Run The Numbers

Take 10 seconds to see how much you'll add to your bottom line by switching to RedPodium.

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Your total savings per year

$14,760 - $25,236

or $73,800 - $126,180 every 5 years

Calculator based on ticketing fees of 99¢ per paid registration + standard credit card processing rates of 2.9% + 30¢.

RedPodium cost per year is $1,790 saving you 110%

See How RedPodium Helps Top Events Succeed

RedPodium race registration platform helps events save money and run smooth, profitable events.

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What Our Customers Say About RedPodium

RedPodium is loved by race and event organizers everywhere

"RedPodium and all of WebConnex's software platforms are simply amazing! Their pricing structures are amazing as well!"

"Decided to try Red Podium for our first-ever Fun Run. It's easy to use. Appreciate the flat fee."

"Setting up a RedPodium page is easy and has lots of options we needed, like collecting shirt size, offering raffle tickets for sale, and custom questions/answers"

"I get paid DAILY. If someone registers on Monday, I have cash in my bank account Tuesday."

"My favorite part of Red Podium is the ability to quickly and easily setup registration pages with our own custom branding and robust features"

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars


Create Beautiful Event Registration Pages Yourself
No Technical Knowledge Required

RedPodium's visual event registration builder empowers you to build the event registration page of your dreams. Start with a professionally designed event registration template to start and customize it to perfection.

Watch an Instant Demo of RedPodium Registration System

Seeing is believing. Check out a VIP or On-Demand demo and learn how run your smoothest and most profitable events ever.

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