At Webconnex we have a well known saying amongst our team, “Done is better than perfect”. This ideology is what has catapulted our company to the place it is today. Eric Knopf, one of our co-founders, likes to explain this mentality further by saying,

“It’s like building the plane as it’s going down the runway”.

For me, a recovering perfectionist, this has been somewhat of a challenge in my years here at Webconnex. However as I have worked with this awesome team, I have realized, the momentum you create once a task is completed, almost always leaves energy for necessary refinement. This momentum is essential for excellence to be achieved.

When I joined the team in 2012, my primary role was to be a part of our customer support team, but due to my interest in writing, I would also help launch our company blogs. If you have been following our company for any time now, you’d know we have five products (Online Event Registration, Online Ticket Sales, Online Donations, Online Race Registration and Social Fundraising) spanning different industries, which we have chosen to market separately.

Launching one blog is no small feat in-and-of-itself; but the idea of launching and maintaining five blogs was overwhelming to say the least. I struggled to even wrap my mind around this task, as I was also learning the ins-and-outs of the software. Nonetheless I was determined to make this work one way or another.

At the time we were operating on a team of eight with a couple thousand clients, so multitasking was a necessity and everyone pitched in where they could. As a startup this worked great and allowed us to get a whole heck-of-a-lot done with our small but mighty team! Before I knew it I found myself getting a few weeks into consistent blog posts and then quickly falling into the, all too common, rut of lack of inspiration due to the belief that every post needed to be absolutely perfect.

This lack of inspiration lead to a couple weeks of missed blog posts and before we knew it, months had passed without any new content. After we experienced this cycle a few times over the course of my first three years at Webconnex, we finally decided enough was enough. It was time to set ourselves up for success and relaunch our blogs and commit to posting consistently.I sense as some of you read this you are practically shouting “Amen” because you’ve been in our shoes. You know this story well. This is exactly why I’m sharing our journey of launching our blogs.

Here’s how we applied the “Done is better than perfect” ideology in the launch of our blogs.

We accept our weaknesses, realized we needed help and got it.

Once we accepted and acknowledged that launching five separate blogs was more than we could handle, we were able to think clearly and start on the right foot. Our team decided to hire a company to consult us through our brainstorming of the blog structure while also keeping us accountable as we started blazing through these new trails.

We stopped making excuses and expecting perfect from ourselves.

Realizing not every blog post had to be absolutely perfect was liberating. Our eyes were opened to the fact that this will be a journey and our writing will grow over time. We quickly became aware that the more we would write, necessary flows and procedures would fall into place and we would be pros in no time.

We took steps forward no matter the size.

Each week we made tasks for ourselves. Sometimes these tasks would be large milestones and sometimes just a small stepping stone. It didn’t matter to us though, at least we were moving forward and creating momentum. Any progress was counted as a win in our books (After-all we were doing more than we had ever done before).

We thrived off of our own momentum.

If there are any Dave Ramsey fans out there, then you’ve heard of the “Debt Snowball” concept. This same concept applies when trying to tackle any task or goal. As you simply start rolling small pieces of snow together and roll the ball down the hill it will grow larger and move faster, creating natural energy. We thrived off the momentum that each step created. Before we knew it, we were able to look back and see that we had been successfully blogging consistently for months!

Here we are now, almost a year later, is our blog and social presence perfect? Nope. However, we have been consistently blogging longer than ever before and we have gained an audience that is enjoying our content. We have more progress to make but the ball is now rolling and we have momentum moving us toward our goals. We invite you to continue to follow us on our journey of growing our blogs and social media presence.

If you’ve had a similar experience feel free to share tricks and tips that have made you successful!