Event swag can make or break your event. Guests have attachments to the swag because it’s part of their registration money. This isn’t a new concept but ultimately the quality and usability determines its success. There’s nothing like going to an awesome event only to get a bag of swag that you will throw away the moment you get home. Aim to be the swag that gets used and not thrown away the moment it reaches it’s new home.

When done right, good it creates good memories and can become a conversation starter for your guests once they leave. Good swag will outlive the event experience and should be thought as an investment.

Here are three things to consider when selecting successful swag for your event.

  1. Tap into pop culture and consider current trends. Ride the wave of a trendy item that you’re seeing all over your social media feeds. Do it before the trend has passed! If the actual item, or what is printed on the item is current and relevant to our culture, then it will stir up a conversation that will lead to ice-breaking conversation at your event.
  2. Poke fun at bad assuage. When you create swag that makes your attendees laugh, they are more likely to connect with the item. When an attendee connects with these items they are likely to use it, keep it and talk about it.
  3. Quality is a non-negotiable when it comes to swag. This is your event but your guests will connect their money to these items. If the merchandise falls apart, it will quickly be tossed out and you’ll have missed an opportunity for swag to go home with the attendee along with their memories.

Now once you know what kind of swag you’re going for, here are some suggestions we have for shops online to buy, and personalize your it. (When I post I will add links to them all)

  1. Custom Ink - You can easily upload your own designs to order quantities to fit your needs. These shirts are designed, cut and made with fabric to match current t-shirt trends.
  2. Sticker Mule - They create custom stickers big or small that can be slapped on a computer, car, or water bottle to carry the memory and message of your event.
  3. Branders - This is where it’s at for custom running socks. These socks are on trend, fun and easily customizable.
  4. AliExpress - Everything your heart desires when it comes to event swag, AliExpress has it. Specifically, check out their wood sunglass, those are great event sunglasses. They are current when it comes to shape but add the fun wood detail, and these are your “Lake/Beach Day” sunglasses!
  5. Discount Mugs - This is our go to when it comes for any custom beer or coffee mugs. They are great quality and look great with your branding on them.

What have your experiences been with event swag? Has it been a total success or failure at your events? Share below in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.