If you’ve ever tried to manage memberships with a ticketed event, you know it is about as enjoyable as using an outhouse. (Pardon the cheeky humor in this blog. We like to keep updates like this fun)

Well, we’re here to flush away all your headaches and frustration with our latest Membership Manager feature ready to use in your TicketSpice account!

If you currently engage with members or have thought about it for the future, this is a game-changing feature. And if you’ve never considered a membership based model for your events, you might be missing out on a big lift of potential revenue. (Don’t worry, we’ll drop a few suggestions for using membership a bit further below).

We designed the Membership Manager feature to sit comfortably within your ticketing and membership needs. Whether you want to sell new memberships, or simply import existing member numbers and offer member-only options, you’ll be blown away at how smooth and easy it is.

The best part of the new membership feature? It’s been added as part of our already-awesome ticket price of just 99 cents per ticket.  

Take a seat and let us show you around with this short demo.

Who is Membership Manager for?

At its most basic level, Membership Manager is great for existing events with associations, clubs, affiliations, patrons, or serving certain types of charitable organizations who may offer discounts or exclusive access to members.

But it’s equally awesome for offering incentives like VIP passes, premium access, backstage passes, special experiences, and perks. Are you ready to drive new revenue for your event? Membership Manager could be the secret weapon!

What does Membership Manager do?

With Membership Manager, you can reveal unique options, ticket levels, or discounts for members only. You can gate events exclusively for members or offer unique experiences only members can enjoy.

But it doesn’t stop there. Membership Manager is a full-service management tool, meaning you can enable your customers to purchase, enroll, or verify their memberships right from your ticketing page.

You can create unlimited membership levels and the membership intervals can renew on an annual, monthly, or on specific date. Enrollees get their own membership number which they can validate, renew, or get help remembering via email if they forget taking all the pain and strain out of the equation.

(Watch the Membership Manager Demo)

I already have a membership tool, what should I do?

For too long, membership and ticketing lived in different galaxies. But with Membership Manger, we can bridge the gap between your two systems. Love your existing membership tool? We don’t mind being number 2. You can import those member numbers to sell tickets to members for your select events and leave all the rest of the features behind.

I’m not convinced. Is a membership tool really worthwhile for my event?

YES. By not offering special incentives to your most loyal customers, you are leaving money on the table. At their core, events are experiences, and you’d be wise to consider what unique experiences, incentives, or discounts you can offer the customers who love you the most. You might be bummed if you miss out on this great opportunity.

Some great examples we’ve seen:

  • Giving VIP members at an air show, music festival, museum, or haunted house backstage access to experience something they’ve never seen before.
  • Giving annual members a “fast pass” option to skip lines or receive 10% off their ticket or on all the food they purchase.
  • Allowing members to bring free guests or contribute to your event in a fun and creative way.

We hope this new feature can add serious firepower and a new profit center to your already great events. Want to learn more? Watch the Membership Manager demo video here.

Need help adding Membership Manager to your account? Please reach out to our friendly Solutions team who would love to walk you through it!

Here to help you host your best events ever,

-The TicketSpice Team

Ps: If you enjoyed our punny take on this announcement, reply back with the correct number of puns and maybe we’ll send you something!