We are happier than a hog in mud to announce TicketSpice is now offering online raffle sales to help increase your revenue and attendee experience!

Over the past 15 years, raffle sales have been strictly regulated by payment processors, which limited the ability to host them online. However, recent legislation has made it possible for online raffle sales and we’re thrilled to have added this functionality into TicketSpice.

While many have been swimming in the sea of raffle sales for years, maybe you have yet to dip your toes in? We believe there is no better time than now. So jump on in and see how raffles can enhance your event and bring in a wave of additional cash flow.

Watch this brief demo to learn more about how you can incorporate raffles on your ticketing page.

Got questions? Below you'll fined a brief FAQ of all the questions you’re likely asking. If you don’t see your question there, reach out to our Solutions team and we’ll happily provide clarity or insight on how raffles can best integrate with your event. Don't forget to check out the help article as well.

Let’s dive in!

Who are raffles for?

The TicketSpice Raffle feature is great for galas, fundraisers, or really any event designed to highlight a cause. Raffles can also be used to enhance an attendee experience and boost revenue for standard profit making events.

Ways you can use raffles?

There are two primary ways to use raffles.One is as an entry to your event. Each ticketed attendee will receive a raffle ticket as entry for the event and the raffle drawing.

Or offer raffle tickets as an add-on by allowing ticket buyers to add raffle tickets to their original purchase.

What should the prize be for my raffle?

Common prizes offered in raffles may include years worth of entry, a VIP experience, car, trip, event or membership perk, amenities, or exclusive memorabilia.

No matter the prize you choose for your raffle, make sure it’s fun, exciting, and worth the entry.

Do I have control of ticket numbers, supplies and quantities?

TicketSpice allows you to define a starting raffle number, as well as control the supply of raffle tickets, and quantity allowed per order.

How does raffle ticket selection work?

You will have the ability to export all raffle numbers and choose a way to select a winner in a way that fits your even best. Whether that’s in person, by hand, online random generator, or via email if you’d like.

How will ticket buyers know or hold onto their raffle tickets?

Raffle ticket numbers will be effortlessly added to a ticket buyer's confirmation allowing attendees to pull their tickets from text or email when they arrive at your event.

Additionally, TicketSpice offers the option to add to apple wallet. Cheers for no longer losing raffle tickets!

What if an attendee cancels an order?

No worries, the raffle tickets connected to that order are removed from the raffle ticket list to ensure the canceled tickets are not selected in the raffle drawing.

What if a ticket buyer changes their mind and wants to add tickets after check out?

Not a problem. Through the TicketSpice Attendee Account Center, a ticket purchaser can edit and upgrade their order to include raffle tickets.

I use Webconnex Payments powered by WePay, is that okay?

Yes, we have covered this thoroughly with WePay and have confirmed you will not be flagged for raffle ticket sales.

Important note: Before using the raffle ticket type feature in TicketSpice, please consult your local and state laws surrounding online raffle tickets. While many states allow it, some have specific restrictions and rules. Be also to review your terms of service with your merchant processor which may prohibit online payments involving raffles. Anyone using Wepay may safely use this feature as it is no longer a prohibited use.