At RedPodium, our #1 goal is to help you, the event organizer, succeed. One of the best tools we’ve released to make this possible is Purchase Protection. 

Do you want to avoid refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks for your event? 

Do you want more early registration for your event? 

Do you wish you could enforce a strict no-refund policy? 

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then Purchase Protection is the solution. 

Purchase protection is an upgrade option at registration checkout that allows attendees to get a full refund if they need to cancel. The best part is we provide the refund and take care of all the logistics. This upgrade means increased revenue and decreased chargebacks for you and your event. And there’s more.

Here are the top 5 reasons to add Purchase Protection to your page. 

1. Drive Revenue

Purchase Protection helps reduce the financial impact of cancellations, while simultaneously enabling you to make more revenue with each registration. 

In our top 100 events using Purchase Protection, we’ve seen a 30% reduction in chargebacks and a 40% reduction in revenue lost due to chargebacks. 

You can offer more value to your attendees and keep your event revenue stable. This also means you can enforce a no refund policy, except for those attendees who upgrade to Purchase Protection. Plus, did we mention Purchase Protection comes at no added cost to you? 

2. Full Coverage for Attendees

Similar to trip protection when buying a flight, Purchase Protection gives attendees peace of mind. If someone gets sick or delayed in transit the day before the race, they’re covered. 

Purchase Protection also helps attendees feel confident about registering early, because they won’t be left stranded if something stops them from participating the race. A boost in early registrations gives you a better pulse on attendance numbers so you can plan and pivot your event logistics accordingly.

3. Approved by Customers

Since launching Purchase Protection at RedPodium, over 2 million race attendees have added purchase protection to their orders. Race attendees are overjoyed to have this option, and they keep raving about that feeling of relief they get when they see the check in the mail.

Thousands of race organizers have already reaped the benefits of adding Purchase Protection to their pages, and you can, too.

4. Efficient Cancellations

Once an attendee adds Purchase Protection to their order and hits submit, they’ll receive a separate confirmation directly from us. If the attendee has to cancel, they’ll receive a separate check from Purchase Protection for the full amount of their registration. You don’t have to do a thing. Our team handles the entire cancellation process and frees up the registration slot for resale. That means you can sell the same registration space twice and make double!

5. Easy to Set up

Purchase Protection is available as a layout item, best placed above the billing section at the bottom of the registration page. Simply put your mouse where you want it to appear and add Purchase Protection to your page.

This process does not take weeks to kick in. The RedPodium team can help you log in to your account and add Purchase Protection TODAY. 


Q: Is Purchase Protection an insurance policy? 

A: No, Purchase Protection is a service that refunds registrants their race registration in full if an unforeseen circumstance (such as a family emergency) prevents them from participating in your race.

Q: What situations are covered by Purchase Protection? 

A: Some of the most common requests for fulfillment include, but are not limited to, employment obligations, medical issues, legal obligations, transportation problems, severe weather issues, and family loss.

Q: How does Purchase Protection work?

A: When an unforeseen event (in an area of coverage) comes up and prevents the attendee from participating in the race, the attendee can submit a claim at Once the claim has been received, the Purchase Protection team will review the claim. If the claim is approved, attendees will receive a full refund for the registration fee.  Once the registration is canceled and put back into inventory, you can sell the same registration space again! 

Q: How much does Purchase Protection cost?

A: Attendees pay a small one time fee for the coverage, but Purchase protection is free to you!

Q: Does Purchase Protection offer refunds for merchandise or donations?

A: No. Purchase protection provides a full refund on the registration cost and taxes, but it does not include add-on experiences, race swag, or donations. 

Final Takeaways

Purchase Protection provides a safety net, spurs early registration, reduces financial risks, and allows you to enforce your no-refund policy. You can stay within your budget without sacrificing customer satisfaction— a big win-win for both race organizers and attendees.

Add Purchase Protection to your race registration page today and experience the benefits firsthand. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

We’re here to help you host your best race ever!

— The RedPodium Team