Feedback. Why you should give it, why should you receive it and how does it help? These 3 questions are essential when helping an individual or organization grow. Here at Webconnex, our customer support team is always encouraging our customers to let us know what they think about our product and how we can help make our service better.

We do this because we strive to be people of hard work as well as people who put in our wholehearted work. Why, do you ask? We work because we are passionate about life and people. To quote our co-founder, Eric Knopf, “We love to create the future!” To do this, we believe it takes a strong person and company to accept feedback however it comes, whether it is in the form of constructive criticism or any adoring compliment on our services and software. Either way, we learn to support the customer while also maintaining the backbone of the company. We believe our success is fueled by feedback in two ways.

First, by welcoming feedback from our customers to help better our service and our software. Second, by welcoming feedback from our own team members, knowing that our team behind the software is as solid as the software itself. Let’s address the first type of feedback we welcome. Feedback from our customers helps make our software better; our customers are great teachers with great lessons for us to learn from. Although it’s not always easy to accept feedback because it is easy to take it personal when you have great people and a great product, we always look for validity and truth in what they say.

This is a must if you want to improve in the quality of your product and in the quality of your customer relational skills.

Although we love supporting our customers and providing them with the best service they could potentially experience, we try to always maintain positive attitudes, which then reflect in our efforts. We believe that there is always a way to handle a situation better, or lead the conversation in a positive direction. The big HOW we handle when problem-solving is the biggest test for us all. Yet our goal is to find a resolution for both parties, but we also know we are not always a fit for everyone.

Second, we have found receiving feedback from team members is incredibly beneficial, not only for the individual but for the entire team and business as well. Even though it’s not always easy to have the people who know you the best give you feedback, it’s easier to receive it from people who not only see your challenges, but also can see and contribute to the growth of your strengths. Our software and company as a whole are more grounded because the people behind it are efficient, consistent, ever-changing and growing, due to this feedback that is welcomed with open arms. We have an entire process in place for suggestions made by clients to ensure when we say, “We’ll consider that for the future,” we really mean it. We take great joy in customer satisfaction and seeing the big win-win take place! A win for our clients is a win for us.

Finally, here at Webconnex, we are firm believers in positive reinforcement. We have created a habit of is jotting a list of quotes with all the positive reports and comments we get each week from our clients; we then share them with our team throughout the week to boost energy and stamina of everyone from our developers, co-founders, and customer support. Any excitement about our product always results in a happy dance! There is nothing like clients jump for joy when they see that our product can make their life easier.