Webconnex customers are the best!  We know every company says that, but we are truly honored to work with amazing organizations. Yesterday, we got a call from our friend Carl Blahuta at Splashway Water Park. They are couple hours outside of Houston, and have opened their doors to over 100 evacuees who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.  He wanted to see how quickly they could set-up a new ticketing and donation page for relief efforts.  Fast, was our answer!  Within an hour, they had a new ticketing and donation page up.Labor Day is typically a big revenue day for waterparks, but that hasn’t stopped Splashway lending a helping hand.

Splashway has decided to donate all proceeds from ticket sales this weekend to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts!

I talked with Carl a bit about the whole idea:“The decision to open the waterpark was not an easy one but we feel like we have an opportunity to use our park even more to help in relief efforts,” said Carl. “Part of our goal in opening is to provide a place for people to come, if they are able, and spend some time with their family to get away.”Carl continued, “We have been housing evacuees in our campgrounds and cabins, but we can still do more so all admission profits from Labor Day weekend will be going toward Hurricane Harvey devastation and flood relief.”“The more people that know about it and come out, the more people it will help. This is our opportunity to really give back to the entire Gulf Coast community who has helped us to become the business we are today. People have been asking what they can do to help. The answer is, come to Splashway with your family this weekend.”In closing Carl said, “May God bless your family, and may God bless Texas. ”We are honored to work with people like Carl, and organizations like Splashway Waterpark!To our extended Webconnex family, if you’re looking for ways to help Hurricane Harvey relief, you can donate here, or if you’re local buy tickets here!