Following trends don’t always pay off, anyone remember the waterbed? Registration trends exist as well and it’s time to stop and talk about them. Our team has seen the harm that some of these trends cause, and have decided to fight these trends in the development of our software. Check out these industry trends and see how your registration process may be affected.

Software provider logo on page

Many solutions in event registration seem to love to place their signature right on the top of your registration page. This not only jolts the registration flow, it can confuse registrants on navigation. Where did they just go? Where was I just at? Who is this company? Is this legit? The page can no longer feel like your own and this can ultimately causes brand confusion. Registrants now have another distraction versus having your registration page consistent with your event’s branding. Here at TicketSpice, we pride ourselves in not having our logo at the top of your page. We want your audience to be focused on you and your event. We always say “We’ve done our job when your customer doesn’t even know we exist.”

Your data is not your own

It is a trend for event registration platforms to promote event marketing on your behalf. Though this seems like a wonderful feature, this opens the door for your registrant’s information to be a prime target for your competitor's marketing. Yes, your event will be marketed to a whole slew of people, but your specific audience will also be spammed by other events and often while they are registering for your event.Clients of our software can take their savings from using us compared to their previous provider and start investing that money into their own organic marketing. This allows them to successfully market their event while being able to avoid spamming their attendees. We believe in protecting your data. Your registrant’s information is your information, we will not touch it.

Static boring pages

Static registration pages are commonly seen across most registration platforms. Because of the lack of conditional logic your page could be lacking the ease and flexibility needed to keep your registration fluid and dynamic. Conditional Logic, the ‘if this then that’ capability, is a beautiful feature within our registration pages. It allows you to create a flexible form around different situations. You can increase or decrease price based on dates, apply discounts based on selections made, or even have questions hide or show based on your rules. Not only does it help keep your registration dynamic, you can also have fun with it.Breaking these trends will help make your registration page stand out from the crowd. When building Regfox, we deliberately broke away from these trends because we believe that the control and power of your events should be in your hands. The focus should be about you and your event, not the software powering the registration page. What other trends are you seeing in the industry? How do you feel about them? Comment Below!